Glowing UFO Over Duck Keys, Florida On March 27, 2014, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News, Email Report.

Date of sighting: March 27 - 28,  2014
Location of sighting: Duck Keys, Florda, USA
Source: Email Report

This was in the mail this morning. A person in Florida caught a glowing orb. Its a bit hard to see it, but if you watch in full screen mode, it helps. These glowing orbs often are seen in fleets, but sometimes individuals are caught on video. SCW

Eyewitness states: 
WOW!!!!!! We were out on the boat dock at Hawks / Duck Key's FL, on 27 Mar 2014. I have NEVER seen anything like this before!! I have about 6 videos that I would love an explanation. FYI. I am a vet with the US Army.

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  1. Here are all the UFO video we recorded on 26th / 27th midnight. Duck Keys. Florida
    Please help me with this sighting. :)
    The whole video is out of this world, out real close min 2:40 to 2:52. Please help me debunk my data.
    I shot the video with my HD Sony camera which is about the first minute and a half.
    The remaining video was shot with an iPhone 5.
    The video so much clearer when I am running it on my PC plugged into my high DEF TV with HDMI.
    I believe two of the videos have been duplicated because of the file versions I was trying to validate. One is in Microsoft media Windows maker and the other is in iOS Quick Player.
    Other information about this video is that I was focusing in and out but for my estimation these elements were 15 to 20 miles away and moving and disappearing in ways that no human craft that I have ever seen could operate. The other important thing there was no sound of any type of jet thrust that would be the only way that a vehicle could possibly even move in those maneuvers.
    What they have always it interest me about southern Florida is the Bermuda Triangle. There seems to be so much UFO activity within Southern Florida.
    Other could say’s I never seen anything like that before and I’ve drink in the Kool-Aid and I’m still alive


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