UFO Over Mars Caught By Rover, April 2014, UFO Sighting News. Email Report.

Date of discovery: April 23, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
Source: Email Report

This came  in our email today here at USD. It shows a rising/setting sun and the glare and suns angle is causing the object to become visible to the rover. This UFO would normally be invisible to the rover, but the suns angle highlights its edges as it sets. This object is clearly flying and looks like a disk tilted at 45 degrees. The line of the UFO (in red) is not lined up with the sun (blue), but actually aimed over and past it. Notice the angle of the blue line does not line up with the tilt of the UFO. This is proof that the object is not just a reflection or glare caused by the sun, but a flying object over Mars. SCW


  1. Astonishing there aren't more of these shots.

  2. Saturn really wouldn't show up on the radar

  3. Definitely not Saturn the visible bands seem thick and not just wide.

    1. Very good, the rings of Saturn would not be visible.

  4. Would interesting to know where Saturn was in the sky at the time.

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