Long UFO Recorded By Curiosity Rover For 10 Min! 4-28-2014, UFO Sighting News.

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Date of sighting: April 30, 2014 
Time of sighting: 4:48:22 until 04:56:09 UTC
Location of sighting: Half way to Mount Sharp, Mars
NASA Photos: http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/multimedia/raw/?s=613&camera=NAV_RIGHT_

The Curiosity rover is said to be half way on its journey to Mount Sharp, when it caught the unusual anomaly. The object was in the sky in front of the rover for 10 minutes! Also notice that most the stars do not move, but do lighten and dim during this time. The shape of the UFO is just as we see it, long cigar shaped. At first a person will assume the exposure (shutter) was open allowing the photo to  record for a few seconds, but no. The shutter speed is normal. This object was moving slow, which is proven by the time stamps on the photos on the NASA site. That means since it was moving slowly, the shape we see before us is the correct shape of the object. Wow, ten minutes in plain view! 

Then again, could this be a moon or micro moon orbiting Mars? Yes, it could be possible, however a moon of this shape would have a high probability of flipping end over end. This object has slow, balanced movement like a ship in water...having the appearance of an object that is self propelled. 

I am very interested in how NASA will explain this. I have messaged them a few times and I will see if I can get a response. SCW

Update #1 5-1-2014: I did message @NASAsocial twice thinking it was the best bet to get a response. Followers retweeted the first tweet over 50 times, but still no answer to it from them. I guess they are still looking at the photos trying to determine what it is. SCW

Update #2 5-2-2014: Still no response on Twitter, so today I messaged @NASA @NASAkennedy @NASAhqphoto to try to get an answer. Wish me luck. SCW

Update #3 5-3-2014: It seems NASA ignored my messages. Sad to say it looks like we will not get a response which means is a UFO. Something so secret they cannot or will not talk about. 

1st photo:   04:48:22 UFO firsts appears, and is heading down.
2nd photo:  04:50:18 
3rd photo:   04:52:15
4th photo:   04:54:12
5th photo:   04:56:09
6th photo:   04:58:06  Object is gone.