UFO Hits Russian Proton-M rocket Causing It To explode, May 15, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 15, 2014
Location of launch: Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan

Updated May 20, 2014: Still no news about UFO hitting rocket. Russia says it was an engine error. I think they are saving face, but they know. I looked at the ISS cam for that time and found the videos...they were 100% greyed out. They covered up the video from space during that time, which means US was involved. Screenshot below of blank video view during Russian Rocket launch on 5-15-20014 between 3:44 pm to 7:50pm. SCW
Updated May 23, 2014: I added two more screenshots of UFO (circled) and one more video that shows the UFO in better detail due to altered contrast and lighting.

Today the Russian Proton-M rocket exploded nine minutes into its flight, but lucky for us it was all caught on video. The video shows a UFO flying from the right to the left. Just as the UFO hits the rocket, the rocket flames begin to change. At first it looked like a missile, but the object that hit looks round, like an orb. 

Another possibility is the rocket was shot down. A heat seeking missile would also bend to hit the heat of the engine. 

The rocket was carrying the most advanced satellite that Russia had ever created...the Express AM4R, but was it actually something more? Perhaps a weapon or spy satellite? The satellite was said to be designed to bring Internet access to remote parts of Russia. Watch carefully to see the UFO bends slightly so it can hit the rocket in its engines. 

In the video below, jump to 45 seconds into the video to see the UFO move from far right. Please use full screen mode.