Poll Results Are In, Only 29% of voters say the donut creature is "just a rock." May 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of Poll: May 2014
Total poll time: 7 days

The poll was taken over 7 days and this one is very important to me. You see, I get a lot of comments saying, "Scott its a rock," and I really wanted to see how may of you believe the same way. So I set up this poll to tell us the percentage of those that can see the items that I point out and those that cannot. 71% of readers believe the donut creature on Mars was more than just a rock. That is a huge about of the public. You hear that NASA?

Total Votes=1148

Question: Why didn't NASA turn the rover around to investigate the donut rock that moved?
342 or 29% votes: Because its a rock.
340 or 29% votes: Because discovering life is not their true purpose.
232 or 20% votes: Because the publics opinion is not important. 
167 or 14% votes: Because it's alive.
  67 or 6% votes: Because they don't care.

I love this...only 342 votes say its just a rock. Thats 29% of the total votes. I feel better now. Most of the readers here can see the items I point out. Thank you so much for that. I was feeling a bit lonely there for a while. 

Also the fact that 29% of the people believe that discovering life is not NASAs true purpose. That they have a secret mission to accomplish and the public is not allowed to know. NASA needs to work on their public image by telling the truth more. SCW