June 11, 2014

Alien Structures Below Ocean Off Santa Monica, California -VIDEO- June 11, 2014, UFO sighting News.

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Coordinates for long structures.
33° 54' 42" N 118° 27' 11" W

Coordinates for 16 round structures.
 33°58'3.76"N 118°29'4.15"W

Hey guys, this was emailed into me, about these long underwater structures, but nearby it I found 16 round objects in two groups of eight that look like disks at the bottom of the ocean...in flight formation.  Very unique and may be linked to the 1940s Battle of Los Angeles UFOs seen over the city. They are at the edge of Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey. 

The long structures are all pointing to each other and in the center between them all the area is pixalated and obscured...thus evidence that something is being hidden from the publics view. Most likely and entrance area to an underwater alien base. This could be an ancient one and not necessarily a currently used base. SCW