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Glowing Orange Lights Come From Mist Along Japan, July 17, 2020, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: July 17, 2020
Location of sighting: Coast of Japan

A fisherman was waiting for a catch when he noticed an usual orange glowing light coming from the mist ahead of him. The light came closer, but then went lower and disappeared below the tree level. The eyewitness says the closest airports are 75km and 100km away. So these lights are not jets coming in to an airport. Perhaps drones used by the fishermen in order to see competing fishing boats? Hard to say, but I do know that the Japanese military often have helicopters and jets buzzing around its boarders, so its possible this is a military flare, moves at an angle I would not expect a flare to move...also flares burn out...this light doesn't seem too. Defiantly and unidentified flying object. 
Scott C. Waring


Two strange UFO lights capture off the North Carolina coast, Nov 2018, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: November 13, 2018
Location of sighting: Cape Lookout, North Carolina, USA

This is an amazing capture at a time of night when most people are not around, but this night fisherman caught it well. He has a steady hand as he records this UFO for over minute and a half. This is very similar to the Florida beach sighting back in 2015 where glowing orbs would show up almost nightly for several weeks. Are they UFOs? Yes, they are coming from underwater bases and they have to get all the water off their craft before they shoot out into space so they will air dry for a while till ready to depart. Why? Maybe the water slows them down as it freezes in space or causes the craft to travel unsteady when frozen to the craft. I will place the 2015 video below this post. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
Stationary orange lights in the sky. Seen east off of Cape Lookout on 11/13/18, roughly between 9-10PM Eastern.

Around 9 p.m., I rebaited my hooks, cast them out into the surf and walked back to my chair. When I turned back to the ocean, I saw a light in the sky. The light is very bright, stationary and silent. Over the course of the next hour it faded in and out, as well as sometimes becoming multiple lights. The lights vanished at one point for nearly 20 minutes, says the post, and then reappeared much closer to my position.


Alien Structures Below Ocean Off Santa Monica, California -VIDEO- June 11, 2014, UFO sighting News.

Click to enlarge.

Coordinates for long structures.
33° 54' 42" N 118° 27' 11" W

Coordinates for 16 round structures.
 33°58'3.76"N 118°29'4.15"W

Hey guys, this was emailed into me, about these long underwater structures, but nearby it I found 16 round objects in two groups of eight that look like disks at the bottom of the flight formation.  Very unique and may be linked to the 1940s Battle of Los Angeles UFOs seen over the city. They are at the edge of Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey. 

The long structures are all pointing to each other and in the center between them all the area is pixalated and obscured...thus evidence that something is being hidden from the publics view. Most likely and entrance area to an underwater alien base. This could be an ancient one and not necessarily a currently used base. SCW


Commercial Pilot Take Photo Of UFO Over Australia, April 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Actual photo taken by pilot, April 2014. Click to enlarge. 

Date of sighting: April 2014
Location of sighting: Caloundra, Queensland, Australia

Sunshine Coast Daily News States:
A COMMERCIAL pilot with more than 30 years' experience has been left scratching his head over mysterious lights he saw over Caloundra on Good Friday. The pilot, who does not want to be identified, said he had never seen anything through the cockpit window that compared to the experience. It has the self-confessed "world's greatest sceptic" questioning everything he believes about UFOs. The Pelican Waters man was admiring the sky with friends about 8pm last Friday when they first saw two coloured lights in the sky. He said they reminded him of Chinese lanterns, rising high into the sky and heading south and then east. Then a third warm-orange glow appeared and suddenly changed direction, tracked north-east and quickly disappeared. "We were looking for an identifier; a beacon or strobe light but there wasn't any," he said. "I thought it had the characteristics of an object that could fly and I was curious as to what the lights were." (more at source).


Glowing UFOs Appear Over Smoking Ship Off California Coast, Sept 2013, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: September 2013
Location of sighting: Off coast of California, USA

LooknowTV states: 
Ufo Sighting 9/2013 recorded in California from the viewpoint of the beach. You can see a few Ufos flying over or behind this ship which appears to have a large amount of smoke coming from it. Whether or not this Ufo sighting is captured during a fire on the ship is unclear. When we first viewed this tape, we thought that the UFOs might be military flares released from a plane at sea, but military flares do not fly up, they float straight down, so we decided to release this interesting Ufo sighting here. 


Another Metal Box on Beach Found And Taken Home For Artist To Use In Mayan Theme Art Show.

Update of the metal boxes being found along the beaches of the West coast. One person was seen trying to load the box in back of his white truck and he stated that he was a local artist and wanted to use the metal box as an art project for a show in March 17. He said since its 2012 this metal box was mysterious and useful in his Mayan art theme. SCW

YACHATS, Ore. (Feb 17, 2012)  A forthcoming art show in this eclectic coastal town includes an artist’s plan to display a metal box he unearthed as part of a Mayan prophecy art presentation. Local artist Leo D’Alessandro is planning for the “42nd Annual Original Yachats Arts & Crafts Fair” in a big way. “Since the Mayan prophecy for this year of 2012 is expected to bring the dawn of a new era – a year of transformation for our planet – what better way for me to share my visions of the Mayans than with the metal box I salvaged from our beach.” In turn, D’Alessandro, a young, aggressive and even pushy artist -- who seems to be neutral in nothing – as he shares what’s been dubbed as “beach sculptured” art works, is excited about the upcoming festival. “My art is original woodwork and mixed media. I know the mention of having one of these mysterious boxes involved is exciting. It’s just right, I feel, to compliment my Mayan theme for the work I present this year.” Since D’Alessandro relies on hand-made flyers – that he passed out at the Yachats Commons Feb. 17 during a Huliq interview – there’s no big buzz as of yet for what this artist who says his art is based on “personified chaotic disorder.”   

The mystery of what happened to the metal boxes over the past week still lingers as locals report seeing “people in white trucks” collecting the boxes and taking them off the beaches. For instance, D’Allessandro said “it’s a real find. I can’t open it. The box is sealed all around, and there’s a bright and crystal film over it.” 

Someone is taking the boxes. At the same time, boxes were seen being moved by a number of “white trucks” with heavy chains and upwards of four to six people seen pushing and then loading these strange metal boxes into the white trucks. One local Florence couple – who stopped to exam one metal box – said in a Feb. 15 Huliq interview that “it sure looks unusual.” Also, the couple said they were "drawn to the box," and that "it felt warm, like nothing we've ever felt before." People seeing and touching the boxes “Feel me, touch me, see me,” seems like something these boxes “might be saying to us,” quipped local UFO “watcher” Errol when taking more than 100 images of a group of these metal boxes near his Bray’s Point beach home Feb. 15. “I want to document this before someone runs off with our three boxes down the beach there,” he added with a vividly inventive mind that seemed both self-confident and worried. Errol then noted with the demeanor of a very capable head football coach that “what we have here is a failure to communicate. We shared our story about UFO sightings, and nobody ever believes that, and then we told you about these boxes appearing, and everybody seemed interested.”

Locals UFO sighting and boxes: 

Artist Takes Box:


Unusual comet like trail from Cali coast waters to space Nov 9, 2010, UFO Sighting Video.

Sighting Date: November 9, 2010

Location of sighting: off southern California coast

Unusual missile-like craft flies out of ocean and into space. This craft made a smoke trail, a trail thick and long revealing its exact position over the water it came from. It was made to be seen. A sign perhaps form aliens to the US military that they can and will do whatever they wish in our skies.

In the news they state the US military did not fire a missile or have a missile launch. There was no military activities on this day. Why would the US like about shooting a missile off in US waters? Easy, they don’t need to. They reveal such launches to the public a few times every year, but then what the hell is this?

This reminds me of Dec 10, 2009 the time President Obama was in Norway to receive the Nobel Peace Prize and an unusual blue spiral in the sky appeared so large that it could be seen by many cities. Another sign from them to us. Then it was to congratulate Obama, but this time is unusual and not a spiral form.

Take a look at the video and photos and you decide. The US military said, “It’s not us.” So if you still think it’s a missile, I have to ask you, what wrong don’t you trust the US military to tell the truth?


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