Glowing UFO Over Taiwan Recorded By Several People, TW News Video, June 8, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

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Date of sighting: June 8, 2014
Time: 21:41 
Location of sighting: Northern Taipei, Taiwan

This UFO was recorded here in Taiwan on Sunday night at 9:41 pm. The UFO was caught by several car cams and security cams around the Taipei area.

In the videos we can easily see that this is not a meteorite, because it does not have a tail and it does not burn or have fire fragments breaking off of it. This is a glowing UFO. It light is steady unlike a burning meteor. The UFO was headed into the mountain area behind Taipei. SCW


  1. when do u think they will show them self globally im in Canada and I have never seen anything strange in the sky nore have I seen many reports of U.F.O in Canada can u explain I know alien life is not a hoax but why are the mainly in the states ??

  2. how come they don't appear in Canada

  3. They do. .. Our sightings have tripled. Niagara Falls gets a shiny discuss hovering above the city sometimes.

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