80 Meter Hole Made When UFO Shoots Out Of It, _VIDEO_July 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: July 2014
Location of discovery: Yamai, Russia

In a city with a name that means in Russian, "end of world," you should expect such things. This massive hole was discovered this week in Russia, and please notice that the dirt inside had been thrown outward. This is a sign that something below the surface bore its way out of the Earth and the only thing with technology to do that would be an alien ship. 

Lots of news sources are trying to say its a natural explosion...yeah...right, thats why we have never seen such explosions before...because they don't happen. Believe the scientists paid by the governments...but know that they were paid to say that. Me on the other hand, I do this for free, so we can all benefit from the knowledge. SCW

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  1. Side's look to smooth to be a "natural" explosion. Looks more like it was drilled from underground to the surface.


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