Dark UFO On Mars Caught By Curiosity Rover, July 2014, UFO Sighting News Photos-VIDEO.

Date of discovery: July 14, 2014
Location of sighting: Mars

This triangle UFO was caught by the rover this week in photo Sol 688. I say triangle, because it looks like a TR3B from a distance. The ball in its center and its shorter end...says that it could be a triangle with two points showing. This UFO was discovered by Youtube user Streetcap1, famous for his discoveries in NASA photos. He says, "Nearly spilt my coffee when I saw this." 

When I enlarged the photo the detail really looks like a lot of traditional UFO craft that have been seen for decades or more. This is an actual object in 3 dimensions out there in the background. Look at the shading around its edges. The shading gets lighter at the edges indicating this is a real object out there with sun light reflecting more on its top than on its bottom. NASA has some explaining to do. SCW


  1. Wow, great find Scott!
    But as you know NASA always claims
    artifacts, no matter what it is. Until we get someone waving into the camera, they'll just deny.

  2. Nice capture by Streetcap1! Keep up the good work! We'll catch these guys soon.

  3. Too big to be an Astronaut. But it is something!

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