Alien Pyramid Found On Asteroid RQ36, June 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: June 29, 2014
Location of discovery: our solar system
Source: ISRO, Indian Space Research Organisation. 
Photos by: NEOSSat
Asteroid: 1999 RQ36

Updated on July 3, 2014: I emailed the director of ISRO today and asked him about the video being theirs or not. I also asked them about the building on the asteroid. ISRO is here. http://www.isro.org/ 

Updated on July 5, 2014: Still no response from ISRO in email. 

When you first look at this asteroid it appears just like a normal rock in space, but with a more careful second glance you will see...it is inhabited. There is a black (flat black color) pyramid on this asteroid. 

I have said many times...alien structures come in one of three types...grey metallic, flat black color, white ceramic color. Oh...I often find around the flat black are tiny grey metallic structures.

This is fantastic evidence from scientists in India at the ISRO labs. The detail of this massive pyramid is fantastic and you can see two other rectangle structures on it. The asteroid is probably not for mining as much as used as a tiny space station. An asteroid that size and a structure that size is a bit out of proportion...so this cannot be a mining facility. This massive structure is meant to be hidden on this small asteroid, so it is probably monitoring planets as it passes them without any primitive life discovering them...however, India was on top of it and caught it quickly. Awesome work India. SCW

Below is the gif the ISRO, Indian Space Research Organization, recorded by NEOSSat (Near Earth Observation Surveillance Satellite). The ISRO did take it down within weeks of putting it up.