Cloud Orb Caught Over Vienna Austria On July 6, 2014, UFO Sighting News VIDEOs.

Date of sighting: July 6, 2014
Location of sighting: Vienna, Austria 
This is a great capture of a cloud orb over Vienna, Austria this week. This guy only has one video to his account and it looks like he is a bit nervous to talk about it so I hope he doesn't delete this real and important video. You see, this white UFO is an orb maker...meaning it produces orbs from itself and these orbs are like drones that spread out and gather intel then they will come back to the original place to enter the mother orb...yes I call it that. At 55 seconds into the video you will see a small orb drone shoot from the upper right of screen then move to lower left. The first thing orb drones do is head to the clouds to hide, while they determine their direction. That is what this orb did at 55 seconds leaving its cloud to head to its mission. SCW

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