Black UFO Over Joshua Tree, California On Aug 10, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 10, 2014
Location of sighting: Joshua Tree, California, USA
Source:  MUFON
Eyewitness states:
While attending the Contact in the Desert event I left around 6:15 pm on Sunday night to get some dinner from the local Sonic drive-thru. I ordered my food and paid the woman at the window. As she handed me my change I noticed this dark ball in the sky straight ahead of me. At this point it was 6:38 pm. Watching it for only a moment I inferred that it wasn't any kind of bird or aircraft that I'm familiar with, so I grabbed my cell phone and immediately started filming. I zoomed in to catch the object on film, and the girl at Sonic opened her window to inform me they were just waiting on my sandwich to be done. I dropped the phone as she talked to me, but focused in on the flying object as soon as she left again. I watched this small spherical object fly just over the power lines, slowly, but consistently. I noticed a slight aura or field of sorts around the craft with my own eyes, and the object seemed to be rotating. When I was watching it I felt a great sense of calm, despite the unknown nature of its appearance. I followed this object with my cell phone just until that Sonic girl handed me my food. After I left the drive thru window I tried finding the object again to record its path some more, and then I noticed it had greatly descended in altitude. When it dropped below where the power lines were, the color of it became camouflaged against the valley's mountain line and I could no longer follow it.


  1. Ten days after this, I saw pretty much the same thing in Hollywood. Black, spherical, moving exactly the same as this one, just above the phone lines and buildings. It had a ring around it also. So weird!

  2. Clearly and without a doubt the presence of aircraft whose origin remains unknown are traveling among us on everyday basis

  3. I would like to contact whoever recorded this. June 2011, I woke up in my father's house during a visit in Joshua Tree... I can't even type this without tearing up. I awoke to a black spherical object, roughly the size of a beach ball, silently hovering across the room towards the mirror. I sat up, thinking I wasn't fully awake, rubbed my eyes, opened them and it was still there even closer to the mirror. I noticed the window illuminated by the moonlight was reflected off of its surface and I noticed that it had a reflection in the mirror. As soon as I observed those two things, I realized it was real and my instincts kicked in and I panicked. I closed my eyes and started to knock on the wall behind me and called out to my Dad. When I looked back it was gone. Whatever I saw was an actual physical object and I believe it was observing me for some reason.


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