Glowing White UFO Over Perry Hall, Maryland On Aug 2, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 2, 2014
Location of sighting: Perry Hall, Maryland, USA
Source: MUFON

Eyewitness states:
In Perry Hall, I was working on laptop from my car. I saw this object out of the corner of my eye. There was a big lightning storm moving in from west when it appeared in clear skies of the east.

I thought maybe it was a remote-control airplane, but it would have been very large at the apparent distance it was at, and it climbed straight up at the end. 

I wasn't sure if an RC airplane could do that. I videotaped it on my cellphone, but didn't realize it was still in view when I stopped recording.

Later when showing the footage to a military friend of mine, I noticed it reappeared at the end going straight up behind a tree - hadn't noticed at the time. 

Military friend said it didn't look like a drone. Just curious what it was - it was interesting to watch.