Massive UFO Near Our Sun Harvesting Energy, Aug 28, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 28, 2014
Time of sighting: 20:15:43
Location of sighting: Earths Sun

This UFO was seen near the sun last week. The UFO has a stream of some type of energy going from the sun to the  craft. Clearly its harvesting this and taking it elsewhere. This should be of extreme importance to NASA, since any mining of our sun could cause solar flares and explosions that could create sudden and sever disasters here on Earth. SCW


  1. if i had the technology that's how i'd do it; harvest the energy from the sun. i think tesla solved this one for planet earth with wardenclyffe however jp morgan had that dismantled because he couldn't put a money making meter on it.

    i wonder if the species of a higher order that consumed the energy in the video went back to their home planet and held a special low price on milky way solar system sun energy or they still shill "peak energy".

  2. Why can"t we know the truth ? Doesn't everyone who believes in god think he had the intelligence to create a complete universe that could harbor more than just one planet with intelligent life ?



  3. But but consider this Scott & crew also id like to mention that this very phenomenon may in all likely hood been happening for eons in time before our conscious realization that there are life forms & intelligences that'll simply blow some of our mortal minds & whos to say that this interstellar "Storage Capacitor" im envisioning duty is to minimize excessive cosmic fussion radiation @ levels that just may cause local solar system destruction if not simply as we say in the elec's industry a "Current Drain" is done...

    Can you conceive what im saying now those on this ship versed in elec's...

  4. And now solar flares are expected to hit is on the 13th?

  5. And now solar flares are expected to hit us on the 13th?

  6. More than likely they are STABILIZING our sun rather than destroying it. We have only ourselves to fear. ;)

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  7. I don't understand why more people (everyday citizens) take this more seriously?! They are real...and they are here. CAPX

  8. They are just uitilizing the Solar energy by their own technology......... It's just we don't have such kind of element which can resist Sun's temperature.....


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