Two Glowing UFOs Over Kenting, Taiwan On Sept 7, 2014, UFO Sighting News. 不明飛行物觀測台灣


Date of sighitng: September 7, 2014, Sunday.
Location of sighting: Kenting, Taiwan
Time of sighting: 6pm during sunset

Hey guys. I was wandering along the beach looking at the many tiny hermit crabs crawling around my feet when I looked up to admire the sunset and noticed there were two glowing balls brighter than the setting sun. The sun itself was very low and about to set. I only had my iPhone 5S because my larger camera was 150 meters away in the hotel room. The balls were moving downward into the clouds so I pulled out my iPhone and began recording. During this moment in time, tiny hermit crabs on the sand decided to crawl onto my feet. This is why the recording moves. I was shaking them off. I really didn't think the iPhone video would be good enough to see it, but when I got home the next day I uploaded to the computer and realised it caught them. The UFOs are in the video only about 15 seconds before they descend into the cloud to hide. 

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