UFO Reveals Itself During Sunset In Germany On Halloween! Oct 31, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: October 31, 2014
Location of sighting: Monchengladbach, Germany

This is a UFO that was caught during sunset. As I have said before, a UFO cloak becomes most vulnerable during sunset, due to the fact the sunlight is a major part of the cloak. What I mean is that light bends around the ship from behind and moves 180 degrees around the ship on all sides (person is below the ship is in the center, the sun is in the sky).
However if the sun is setting then one side of the ship has to over compensate...meaning to bend light 180+90 degrees more! This is not possible if the shield is to work fully. Thus, the UFO becomes visible for a few minutes. 

Do not believe the disinformation about the term "sundog." That term was created by NSA skeptics to spread disinformation and to confuse the public. This is a UFO. You have my word on it. SCW


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  2. Das ist der sundog! A natural phenomenon! It is simply sunlight hitting ice crystals and refracting back towards the viewer from a different angle.

  3. don't post ufo evidence if you have no idea what your doing. educate yourself. this is a sundog. google it!!!

  4. looks like a sun glare.. not convinced.

  5. A sundog is a very natural occurance. This wasn't a phrase coined by anybody trying to mislead the public. It is a safe assumption that this was filmed near a calm body of water or ice.

  6. I've been observing these " halos ", for want of a better word, here in Germany after they've covered the sky in chemtrails. It's the sunlight refracting on the aluminum chloride and not a UFO.

  7. Sun dog. Seen all over the world, every day. Just because it's the right answer doesn't make it NSA disinfo. Thats ridiculous.

  8. Thats funny you say that, I live in Summit County Colorado and on Oct. 7th of this year three lights/UFOs were seen in the sky for hours. The next day I went out for a round of golf and saw a "sundog". It covered the entire sky. If what you say is true, and it sounds particularly true to me living these events, they came to Summit County.

  9. That's a classic sundog. If the videographer had a wider view to his left, he would have captured an identical sundog at an identical apparent distance on the opposite side of the sun's disc. I've been viewing and recording sundogs for decades. No, it has nothing to do with mythical "chemtrails" or "alien spaceships"... THAT, my friends, is just a sundog.