Fleet Of UFOs Over Chile On Dec 17, 2014, UFO Sighting News. VIDEO

Date of sighting: December 17, 2014
Location of sighting: Chile

These glowing lights are the UFOs when they are about to leave together. I have personally witnessed a fleet of these once in Rapid City, SD back in 1990-91, but I saw 25 appear and then shoot off one by one (most the city saw it). They meet in a formation, then they leave either one by one shooting across the sky or straight up. It is the sunset that reveals them. Normally they are cloaked, but the sun and bending of the light around their crafts will malfunction if the light must be bent more than 180 degrees. This is why sunset is the best time to catch UFOs. I have seen this kind of UFO formation before. 

Here in Taiwan we had a similar sighting near a mountain next to Taipei. V

Check out this similar sighting near Taipei, Taiwan. I had a Colonel in the Taiwan Air Force look at it...now in the DOD, and he said he cannot explain it other than its a fleet of UFOs. He was blown away by this video below, and it looks similar to the ones above. SCW

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