Dark UFO 2x Earths Size Exits Sun, Jan 18, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Jan 18, 2015
Location of sighting: Earths Sun
Source URL: http://helioviewer.org/?movieId=2wgX5
Time: 12:42:54
Camera filter: AIA 171

A very dark UFO showed up on the Helio viewer this week.  The darkness of this massive UFO should be impossible. Anything that close to the sun should be glowing with heat, but not this. It is also near a solar explosion which it may have caused upon exiting the sun. This UFO is 2x the size of Earth, according to the photo of Earth on the Helioviewer to compare. Harnessing the power of the sun for their own uses. Its a type two or three civilization. SCW


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  2. Okay, I am a believer in UFO's, just not in this case for two reasons, 1) Nothing would be able to withstand the heat of the sun, nothing and 2) a UFO 2x the Earth, .........AHEM!

  3. Why not that big? Who are we to say that alien civilizations much older than
    us could not be capable of such wondrous feats?

  4. Today 01/18/2015 around 11am I seen something big in the sky it was not moving just sitting still in one place it was dark gray it stayed in one place not moving for about 3 mins them just disappeard .I cant say I am a ufo believer but what I seen today had me puzzled so I googled ufo sighting with today's date 1/18/2015 and I found this and about 15 more links and other people across the world saying they had seen a ufo today. It kinda makes you wonder .I live in dallas texas , and would love to know if any one else in texas seen this?

    1. http://forum.schizophrenia.com/t/i-hear-and-talk-to-aliens-do-you/438

      I talk to them. The human race is like a reality TV show for them. It's much like The Big Labowski. Then again I could be schizophrenic...

    2. Not to mention that this thing should be "glowing with heat," not dark. This would mean it would have to be darker than black, which as far as we know, is impossible. Although, it's amazing what other beings can do, and who knows? Maybe it is actually something else other than our average "aliens."

    3. +anonymous in Dallas Texas,
      I live in Houston, and today I saw this freaking gigantic v- shaped spacecraft. At arms length, it would be 8 inches across. There were six white lights, two in each row, outlining the v. At the two bottom parts of what would've finished the triangle, there were boxes. This craft was close to the ground, but it was so scary, because it was literally completely silent, moving three times the speed of a normal plane. There were three red beams between the lights in a row.
      If you are wondering why I have so much detail, my mother was with me in the driveway, and we both saw it and focused on different things.

  5. Personally i thk that its just one of a number of galactic intelligences we dont understand in a scientific light just yet that just may be imo balancing & harvesting intense cosmic energy from STARS in general thru out the universe...

    A dual purpose phenomenon i envision that it serves crewmates of control of fission star output energys & also to put it bluntly, sucking up like a food source those extra fission energys after exiting a star for a later special purpose use elsewhere in the cosmos perhaps...

  6. Saw the same in Helioviewer, its definitely some object near the Sun. I've read Michio Kaku's books. He said there could be even a Type IV civilization! I believe we are NOT alone in the Universe. The Universe is simply soo huge there must be thousands of alien civilizations in a single galaxy. I wanna see for how long the US Govt/NASA is gonna keep hiding alien secrets. They can't hide it FOREVER.

    1. No they can't crewmate, in fact there may be disclosure tho not the disclosure we want & that's if the US based GRB's decide to tip the nuclear weapons threat & i say IF "the worlds global economys dump the US dollar in unison" scary isn't it...

      What im saying is a NUCLEAR VAPERIZATION prog by the US based GRB's because they was kicked out of the global economic con game that may cause them as a result imo to destroy all we knew & loved on planet earth then leave it in ruins...

      Then & possibly then will this disclosure may come about TO the less than oh im guestimating 1-2billion of earths humanity left wounded, destroyed & abandoned by this worlds pwr brookers whom sold US out, however that don't mean that the NEW INHERITORS of this planet FROM ABOVE just may keep sections of earth in ruins or would they waste the time or energy on a global urban renewal prog, hell i thk not i thk they'll be in there separate & restricted outpost colonies while those 2 billion earths population slowly dies off from there wounds is what i see...

      Just like vast sections of mars as a darn good example imo...

      No were not alone & WILL NEVER BE LEFT ALONE EITHER...


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