Crashed Ship On Mars Discovered On Feb 2015, video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Feb 2015
Location of discovery: Mars
Coordinates:   6°25'40.89"S   76°53'48.65"W

This buried structure looks a lot like it landed there on the Mars surface. This is a fantastic discovery of an actual ship that crashed landed. I added color so you can see the structure better in the screenshot above. I maker of the video didn't give very good instructions and its was difficult, but the coordinates are above, but I still cannot confirm its there. I searched on Google Mars, but with over 7 different photo overlays, its a bit of a pickle to find. If you find it tells us in comments how to get there. Coordinates seem to be off a bit. SCW


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  2. OK OK, ill spit it out now & tell you all Scott & crew w/ all due respect what i REALLY was impressioned @ 1:00pm, now brace yourselves at your controls & don't be shocked when i tell ya this so again brace yourselves...

    WHAT If, what if its a piece mind you of a larger structure that may have been discombobulated by any number of directed Hi-energy weapons sys's that was available in mars warring height in that worlds past, where as some of the components destroyed & blown away are now buried underneath the grounds...

    WHAT If i indicate to you crew mates weapon sys's as high as 5-10 stories & yes robotic controlled walking, flyin & conscious armed to the teeth weapon systems that was designed to wreck total hovac to anything on its sights this is one of some of the deadly toys the ancient mars militarist used to destroy there fellow inhabitants of that planet back then im envisioning now thisTIME...

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