UFO On Suns Surface Feb 10, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Feb 10, 2015
Time of sighting: 09:14:41
Source: http://helioviewer.org/?movieId=2wgX5
Updated: I finally got the next photo of the object and it was gone! The surroundings looked the same, but the UFO had vanished. (photo below).

While using the Helioviewer I found an object on the sun that looks like a tall ship. This UFO is about the length of the moon yet only half its thickness. There is an Earth photo in the lower left corner to compare. This is a ship. Its thinner in its center and thicker at its top and lower end. Its a perfect rectangle shape. To see the object for yourself, just go to the source link and type in the day and time in the screenshot above. This is what the Russian scientists said they saw many years ago, moon size UFOs that make sudden changes in direction and speed. SCW