UFO or Drone Over the Hydrolecric Plant, Argentina, Jan 25, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Jan 25, 2015
Location of sighting: San Juan, Argentina
Source: www.sanjuan8.com 

Argentina: UFO or Drone Over the Hydrolecric Plant?
A group of workers on their way to the Ullum Hydrolectric Plant in San Juan, Argentina were startled by a strange presence in the sky. One of them reached for his camera and managed to photograph the alleged apparition. The witnesses claim the object was moving, yet suspended in mid-air. 


  1. Thats the problem with all the drones out there nowadays, any one can get one . I have never seen one flying around but we all know they r out there , and im sure one that is flying high up can be mistaken for a ufo.

    1. Very true crewmate Tammy, & chk this out, the model aircraft industry has recently designed the UFO LED lighted R/C vr's too that anyone can purchase via Ebay or Amazon some that even fits in the palm of your hand to a 3-4 foot model w/digital camera LED lights & everything included right out the box w/simple set up instructions & person w/ mis guided intent way to fooling & "Ah Hum" even evesdropin on neighbors & friends, tho i see nothing wrong w/ flyin hobby aircraft personaly i thk its a fun hobby but take in mind w/ 2days tech they've takin it to a upper level of model aircraft flying that if the R/C flyer is not careful might have Ah Hum "MUFON" knockin on there doorstep among OTHERS or heck the worst case event some local yocal w/ a hi pwr'd gun shoots your investment right out the local sky ....

      Id like to see a "Magnetic Feild Propelled" Tri or Discoid style model, & w/ this R/C model rig id need no "GAS or ELECTRIC MOTOR" w/ all its wareable parts that needs replacing you know the tech that the GRB's "Global Robber Barons" purposely designs to keep the cash flow movin in...

    2. And btw Tammy & Crew, ill include that the siteings of drones may be a very common occurance nowadays especialy in urban areas around the US & now possibly in other countrys as well in day or night time conditions so be aware, & ill suggest to all that we should try to know how to identify them when seen by simply there flight charecteristics alone as one major factor towards ID'ing those things and to not rush mind you into identifyin them as ET UFO's w/out further good visual or other credible means of anylisis....

      Yes crewmates @ a distance some recent commercialy bought R/C UFO rigs do look like so called alien space ships in colored Bright LED Hi Hoover Mode so be aware of this....


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