Alien Face With Body Found On Mars Near Happy Face! March 2015, UFO sighting News.

Date of discovery: March 22, 2015
Location of discovery: Idaeus Fossae, Mars
Coordinates: 35° 0'56.03"N    49°24'2.73"W

This alien face and body was found by Alfredo Viller of Youtube. He is a new up and coming researcher that looks for familiar designs and ancient structures on Mars. He found a fantastic alien full body formation. I went to Google Mars map (free to download) to confirm his  finding, and I found that not only is it there, but the best happy face ever found on Mars is just below it! He probably saw it, but not sure. Very cool discoverers by Alfredo Viller of Youtube, go subscribe to his channel. SCW


  1. You must be high when u find this stuff. I could go look into the sky, mountains, water etc. and tell my mind to look for a face or whatever I want my mind to see. Then your highlighting it in a picture to make other people think it's out of the ordinary. When really know one is looking at mars or the moon looking for smiley faces and stuff like that. SMH

  2. How many times did he say "guys"? Is there not another way to say folks, people, ladies and gentlemen. Another thing…try to speak a little more slowly…he's almost completely unintelligible half the times he speaks. Slow down, buddy, and speak English!!!! if you want to be understood. I really suffered through the whole damned presentation and damned near switched to another site. I'd like to hear if anyone else was able to understand much of his gibberish!
    It seemed like he was trying to put 10 lbs of poop in a one pound bag!!!! PMS

  3. That's Roger from American Dad.

  4. That's Roger from American Dad.

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