UFOs Around Puerto Rico City Causes Public To Worry About Possible UFO Base, March 9, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 9, 2015
Location of sighting: Las Lajas, Puerto Rico
News Source: http://www.elintransigente.com/mundo/insolitas/2015/3/9/impactante-misterio-ovni-puerto-rico-300389.html

In the article below, the person is stating that this is not a rare sighting in the town of Las Lajas. It is a common occurrence and the people of the town want answers about why there are so many UFOs seen over their forest. Also they say the UFO photos are constantly being deleted off of the Internet. If there is high UFO activity in the area, it may mean that a UFO base has moved to this new location from another less secure location. SCW

News states (translated from Spanish):
PUERTO Rico.- A new image caught the attention in Las Lajas in Puerto Rico, when it began to go viral with the image of a flying object in the area.

Immediately, amateur and professional UFO researchers began to spread the image in social networks on the grounds that the town of Lajas, where he became the avistaje- should know the truth about the area.

Reinaldo Rios, one of whom managed to spot the object, asked the local mayor to investigate on whether is an alien craft.

According to information supplied to ufologist, such evidence belongs to a woman who owns a Hacienda in the valley close to the facilities of the Extraterrestrial Route that is located at kilometer 8 of the Costa Bermeja in the coastal town of Lajas Lajas, UFO camp.

The team of Reinaldo Rios investigates police support other reports of sightings in the area. The theory is that besides the new alleged UFO have been detected, is that the area could be a continuing point of landing.

Scholars speculate on networks of UFOs in the area, but is awaiting official word from the local mayor that failure to inform the public what happened in the area, there will be a press conference by the researchers that promise tell the whole truth. (Drafting Intransigente)


  1. Wow does anyone think anything will come out of this?

  2. "The Mystery of Andes" by Robert Charroux. This book was published in seventies and tells a lot about Marconi,Tesla,Genovesse, etc. that they fled to South America before Germans and developed discoid shaped crafts. Some authors even say that their crafts were used for visitations to moon,Mars. Modern day Indian scientists have no clue about these facts and with Private Sector Bhartiya Janta Party government in India, nothing much can be expected at least from South Asia on this important fact.

  3. Puerto Rico, a location known by the united states military for many decades of being apart of this earths energy grid that im surmising, whos energys is harvested for a joint US malevolent ET underwater & ground base of op's perhaps under the guidance of the earths SSP to where yes the curruptible local gov's tin horn dictators could easily get paid off & supplied w/ weapons to gwell any local decent if need be, & also media manipulations to also stop any inquiry from the international pub for answers if the Secret Gov of the US thats aware of the SSP/malevolent ET joint venture in Puerto Rico deems necessary imo.


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