UFO Over Biel Bienne, Switzerland On April 20, 2015, Videos UFO Sighting News.

Photos from Feb 19, 2015 Biel Bienne, Switzerland

Date of sighting: April 20, 2015
Location of sighting: Biel Bienne, Switzerland 

When you see one you may have doubts later, but when you see these UFOs every few months, then you know that there is an underground alien base nearby. This holds true with this new video from a French speaking part of Switzerland. He has recorded this UFO 49 times and has 49 videos that date back to 2012 as proof. I will place a few of his better catch below. With this kind of UFO activity, there is no doubt of a base below Biel Bienne. SCW


  1. lol first video dates 2016.....

  2. Replies
    1. yes...looks like Mickey's Mouse head balloon.

  3. look at 1:31 to 1:34. Look closely!!!!!!

  4. That 3rdphaseofdamoon presentation by who I suspect is a 3phofmoom CGI employee by the name of Ed, his vid presentation on 3:15 reminds me of one of two things, either a automobiles "Voltage Alternator Regulator" motor, where you can see the pully wheel on the rear of the alternator motor part for the belt that connects to the main motor's cam shaft pully for those familiar w/ a little engine maintenance, now notice what looks like a gear shaft on its front end including what looks like bright blue LED lights that's installed w/ in the Voltage Alternator Motor, as the CGI imaging makes it look like it's flying thru the air w/ bright blue lights on it, & incidently Ed seem to utilize the 445nM blue laser light & diodes a lot on his models, & I find Eds portion of the show the most ridiculously funniest....

    The 2nd thought it could be a gear shaft linkage that Ed got flootin around via CGI vid tech, either part is hella funny to me, tho in the long run this show do discredits & makes fun of the UFO topic in a subtile way it seems....


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