Ferrari's design chief creates, beautiful spaceship of the future, May 5, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of article: May 5, 2015
News Source: http://www.theverge.com/2015/5/5/8556885/ferrari-design-chief-flavio-manzoni-spaceship

People are beginning to see their own potential at designing the future we all want to live in. Take the designer at Ferrari for instance. He create the Ferrari of the future, and boy would I like a ride in that sweet thing. Ferrari knows that space travel is going to be fast...and they want a piece of it. Manzoni is no fool. He knows whats possible and he gifted us with a glimpse at our future. If big businesses like Ferrari are taking UFOs and space travel seriously, shouldn't NASA and their old school rockets be doing the same? SCW
News states: 
Flavio Manzoni is credited with some of the most extreme designs to come out of Ferrari in recent memory — including the LaFerrari, F12berlinetta, and FXX K — but all of those pale in comparison to the latest creation to come out of his sketchbook.

In fact, it's not a car at all: Manzoni took a break from styling some of the most beautiful vehicles on the planet to sketch his vision for a spacecraft of the future, lithe and fully chromed-out, just as you'd expect any good sci-fi spacecraft to be. It turns out that he's had an obsession with UFOs since childhood, and there's no shortage of UFO inspiration here — if there's an aircraft, shuttle, or rocket that exists today that looks anything like it, I don't know what it is.

Form Trends has some good quotes (and more renders) from Manzoni on his inspirations for the craft. It may not feed into any Ferrari projects in the next few years, but in the next thousand? More likely.


  1. Any DNA test performed? I bet Mitchel was there to spy for NASA.

  2. Can u ore order it? I need that mother.

  3. Flight of the navigator was a pretty good movie for a Disney flick. Very eighties.

    1. I love that movie. The ship...with its AI pilot was amazing. Yeah...looks like this designer ripped it from the movie. Spot on observation, thanks.

  4. Nice sporty design Scott & Crew, hell id own one myself if i could afford one, & id have that sucka tuned & ready to reach the stars & beyond, yea baby lets cruise this universe in cosmic style tho personally id request a non petro Anti Grav model myself...


    When hurtling thru the airless vacuum of Space & Time one must have there ship SHEILDED against particles thatll cut throw ya hull like armour piercing projectiles, & thats why i do believe that NASA used a different type of space flight tech than what they showed US during those Apollo moon flight yrs in american history...

    Showin US those bomb of a rockect apollo class ships that now brace yourselves crew that GULF OIL thats right had sponcerd & cashed in all the way to the GRB controled banks w/ there loot from this fuel air rockent propaganda they profited from w/ NASA's public side of pub relations advertisements...

    The SSP on the other hand used alternative flight sys's under NASA & JPL utilizing "Free Energy & Anti Grav" principals...


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