Mummified Alien found in Abandoned Russian Lab, May 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of article: May 2015
News Source: Daily Mail, UK
Location of alien body: Tobolsk, Western Siberia

This looks more alien than human. Perhaps this lab was trying to create hybrids, half alien and human DNA so they could create an advanced intelligence in humans. A successful creation could learn so fast that they could create a monitory empire in just a few years. Someone powerful wanted this...the question is...did they succeed? SCW

News states:
Police in Russia are investigating an abandoned pathology lab where mummified remains of babies have been discovered by shocked locals.

Officers have launched a probe into the grisly discovery of body parts, including bones and human organs left scattered around the run-down facility in Tobolsk, western Siberia.
Scars were visible on many of the bodies of the babies, showing where surgical procedures had been carried out, some as recently as three years ago, according to the Siberian Times.

The horrifying and macabre discovery was made by medical student Georgy Grigorchuk from Tobolsk, who had been walking in a park frequented by children when he saw a building with an open door.

Entering the facility, he saw jars containing remains, used slides from blood tests, and skulls lying on dusty shelves, it was reported.

Plastic jars had dates written on the side, including January 2012.

'I learned about this place from other students of my medical college,' he said.

'I heard that in this laboratory were a lot of abandoned interesting things.

'Namely, some books lying around, organs in glass jars, all sorts of documents. It was very interesting for a medical student.'


  1. This is wild. I'm real interested in seeing what comes from this!

  2. So, the question is..........who is "sicker"?? Russian scientists or American scientists?

  3. 'cept its more likely to be a chernobyl baby

    1. HELLO...

      They forgot about that one crewmate, now didn't they huh...

      Yes, I thk your comment could be probable too, however i do not believe thats a earth human that had been exposed even @ birth to the likes of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe...

      It could very well be of ET hybrid origin tho this particular short statured being may be IMO harvested for utility purposes, i dont know if you realize this ladies & gents but these Ah Hum I,e."Bio Robots" that they are in zome cases are EXPENDABLE, in worlds were hazardous conditions may exist ect is all....

      However be wary of the Right Wing Fundamentalist crowd whom cannot stand there fellow human being the hypocrates that they are, let alone a friendly, intelligent benevolent group of ET beings that well UC the more enlightened here on this blogg site would understand, that they the "Right Wing Gundimentalist" would emiedietly call them DEMONS & & & would w/out a shadow of dought call for there 2nd amendment right to carry a gun to kill em i reckon the dumm basterds & guess what THEY JUST STOLE THE SENATE & we aint aeen notin yet my crew....

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  4. I agree, who's worse? Those poor babies.

  5. it could be a clanger

  6. this is something from button moon

  7. Saw this at Los Alomos labs when I worked there.

  8. Is it just me or does it look like that creature has more than 4 limbs. And if that's the case that's interesting considering I just saw a picture uploaded on this sight of another creature with more than 4 limbs. It also has the same head shape. Just gave me the goosebumps.

  9. This is something that isn't simply left by accident...I don't believe it's real...

  10. Radiation baby, or some type of hybridization experiments results. There is a possibility it is past of a Nephilim project, but these are not EBEs, they are something else.
    Mysteries explained here:




    Noting such things as this:

    "I am a descendant of an Egyptian man named Karaphotet who lived over 6,000 years ago. He was taken off-world prior to the great flood. He lived on another world and married a woman that would be considered of an alien race."

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