May 8, 2015

Green Alien Drone Shoots Around Space Station On May 5, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 5, 2015
Location of sighting: Space Station
Source: NASA Live Internet Cam

A green light shot past the space station on the 5th and it looks like its a very small object. Streetcap1 of Youtube caught it. Probably not a UFO with alien occupants, but it could be a tiny drone keeping an eye on the astronauts in the space station. The green seems like a glitch in the camera, but these are 7 million dollar HD cameras. Its not a glitch. Its alien tech taking a flyby. Streetcap1 posted it was recorded on May 6th by mistake. It was uploaded to Youtube on May 5th. SCW


  1. Yeah right why in the world would NASA how to participate exposing the worlds biggest secret. If that was the case they would tell us why were never allowed back on the moon, not only that but they would shows every video of every encounter it ever had. Anything they show us his man-

  2. Mr. Scott C. Waring, What Is It?:

  3. Mr. Scott C. Waring, What Is It?:

    1. That object in the sky in the distance is a screen glitch on the rover. Its been in thousands of photos in the same position ever time.

      It looks like a chip on the lens of theFront Hazcam: Right B (FHAZ_RIGHT_B)

  4. NASA u a holes! We want disclosure!

  5. That's the Green lantern LOL

  6. Ah Hum, i hope i dont spoil the party here everyone but it seems to have a 520nM green lzr glow to it to me, however thats not to say it was a nano sec laser burst, however a lzr beam of any wavelength color would indeed extend in a longer beam line effect than a short line if caught on film, so personaly it could very well be something else other than a green laser UC...