UFO Over Taipei New City, Taiwan On May 1, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 1, 2015
Location of sighting: Xinzhuang, Taiwan
Camera: Sony handicam 30X optical zoom, 50x digital zoom. 
Update: Change the video settings of the video to 720p or it will pixelate. I went to the roof tonight, but no lights all night. No UFOs at all. I guess it was a one time deal. Just luck we saw them, and bad luck the 10 min video didn't catch it.SCW

Guys this is really weird. Last night my wife, son and I were walking home at 11:45 pm when I got this odd feeling to turn around and look up. So I did and then I saw white glowing light swirling in a massive circle above us. After about a minute it changed and they shot left and right. I think there was about six of them, but they moved so fast...nothing...nothing can move that fast that is man made. I tried to record it, but my Sony camera is poor at night and the community lamp posts were causing the UFO lights not to be seen. I realized this to late, because I recorded 10 minutes of this and then ran to the rooftop of the 8 floor building we live in. When I got up there my camera focused on it really well, but only caught a few seconds of it. The moon was out, but the light was equal to the moon, but far to the right of it. This light was behind the cloud to the right of the moon. Sorry the video of the first ten minutes didn't turn out. Crap Sony and their crap night time focus. SCW


  1. Once again nothing clear...for the love of life does anybody take a clear photo.with all the tech we have it all comes out like crap!! Photo's from the 60's are more clear....what gives...always blur,we can do better yes.

  2. I see same Light in belgium in a few weeks when i was driving my car.

  3. On October 14 I was with a friend atop of the viewing tower , nearing sunset ,we noticed what I assumed to be comet passing by eRth ,then what appeared to be space junk burning up it had long jet stream of white vapourish gas with what appeared to be a light or fire at front we watched this as passed out of sight ,then my friend pointe to a black dot hanging in the sky ,we used the telescope and got a much closer view it appeared to be black triangular object with a light in the centre, a plane taking off passed over our view finder the pilots or passengers must have noticed it ,we watched this object until it got dark it had not moved position ,all that was visible in the dark was the light at the centre we took a photo of this as it was clearly visible ,I have tried looking for ufo reports in Taiwan for either of these sightings comet, fireball ? Black triangular UFO but to no avail ,if anyone else witness to these sightings I woul love to know ,I am now a Believer

  4. On October 14th nearing sunset ,my friend and I was in the viewing tower at the 101building ,we witnessed a comet passing by earth. Then noticed what looked like space junk in earths atmosphere coming down it had vapour trail and either a ball of light or fire at the tip ,then my friend pointed out a black object suspended in the sky ,we used the telescope for closer look it appeared to be a black triangular shape with a light at its centre ,a few other tourists looked at it also as it got darker it became harder to see only the light was visible we took a photo of this light ,also a plane passed through our line of vision the pilots or passengers would have noticed this object , I have tried to google UFO reports for Taiwan but cannot find anything related to comet ,fireball ,or UFO ,are any of these sightings related in anyway I would love to hear ideas or other witness accounts

  5. you may check youtube..
    name:Scott Waring
    "Car Size White UFO Over Xinzhuang, Taiwan On Nov 6, 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News."


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