I found the lost UFO Photos On NASA Site Again (3rd time of hide and seek) UFO Sighting Daily.

Date of discovery: May 14, 2011
Original site photos 1st on: http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov

Hey guys, last week I found the photos of the UFOs that were HD quality and 100% focused. NASA has deleted their location two other times and moved them to a new unknown location. They do this to protect themselves in a court of law. "We didn't delete it, just moved it to a new location," is what they would say to the judge to get the case dismissed. Well I found it for a third time. It was a little harder this time, but got them all. 

Many people call these the Dark Knight Satellites, maybe they are, but regardless...they are UFOs. They are of alien construction.

I also got into the original site, but not using a hack. Originally it was open to the public, but now it either locks out all foreigners outside of USA or it locks out all non NASA people. Odd...I tried it today and it let me in normal. Either way, I got into it again. :) It has about 1.7 GB of photos on that site, and only about 20mb are visible. Sure wish I could look at them all. But below are the links to the original photos I found. Record them...they will be moved again in a 1-2 months time...just like last time I reported them. 







UFO Sightings Daily


  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aurora_(aircraft)

  2. This is not a ufo it's an insulating blanket that got away during repairs of space station. It's well documented if you do a big of research.

    1. Why does this blanket got straight corners? Please explain to us, because you did the big research I suggest?

    2. I'm pretty sure the ISS wasn't in orbit in the 50's... And since when do blankets give off radio signals?

  3. Replies
    1. Selamat datang, saya senang Anda menyukainya.

    2. funny you speak bahasa.. XD

  4. A "BLANKET" MU HA HA HA Ha Give me a friggin break, some of ya would say anything to feel less erie about these UFO probabilities thats happening in plain sight nowadays now would ya...

    Now how the muck would a blanket of any man made material last orbiting earths atmosphere as long as that thing have which IMO is not a blanket, TELL ME THIS THEN, do it make you guys feel @ least a little better believing it to be a quite SOLID UNKNOWN ORBITING OBJECT thats been in earths orbit for possibly eons w/ out these self medicatin river of denial sailing affirmations, Mu Ha Ha Ha, a blanket, to much man & what excuse some of ya going to conjure up next...


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