Large mystery face found carved into remote Canadian island, June 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Unknown
Location of discovery: Reeks Island, Canada

This face is just one of many large faces around Canada. Often people say it was the ancient indians in the area that made them, but one massive face found is hundreds of meters long and only visible from the sky. This is a beautiful example kept in pristine condition. Ancient aliens, pirates  or indians? Its a well known fact, aliens create faces near their bases.  SCW

News states:
A mysterious face carved in a remote rock wall in the Vancouver Islands has been found again after years of searching for the feature of unknown origins.

The beachkeeper from the Tseshaht tribe that owns the land, Hank Gus, has been searching for the rock face for two years after it was first spotted in 2008 hidden on Reeks Island in the Broken Group Islands by a kayaker.

Mr Gus said he is not sure whether the almost 2m-tall face is an optical illusion created by Mother Nature or a message from his ancestors, Ha-Shilth-Sa reports.

There are no recorded or oral histories in Tseshaht lore that refer to a carved rock face, but the hidden face bears a resemblance to a carving on the modern Tseshaht Administration building showing a wind spirit.

Tseshaht artist Gordon Dick said the carving is "Carrying the words of our Ancestors, yu'i sends the voice of encouragement and love urging us to preserve our culture, which anchors our language, songs, and our identity."

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  1. WOWWW! That looks amazing! I hope we get some folks out there to verify that that actually what it looks like and age, but in the pic coming up to the face the rock changes to a flat brown reddish color which seems 2b incredibly smooth compared to all the rock and the shrubbery i hope its real but maybe its clay or just photo-shopped and not there altogether.


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