Mariner 7 finds writing on Mars surface, June 23, 2015, UFO Sightings Daily.

Date of discovery: June 23, 2015
Location of discovery: Mars
Mission: Mariner 7
Photo source: http://www.planetary.org/multimedia/space-images/mars/map-composed-of-mariner-7s.html

I found the number 9 or 6 on Mars. This is a Mariner 7 photo. I have heard legends of these photos not being shown to the public when they were first taken.  Even now, its difficult to find them. NASA employees said Mariner 7 photos contained many alien cities and structures, so they could not allow the public to see them. In this photo, 75% of it has a blur mask put over it. I would really love to see the detil of this city in the shape of a 6 at 100% focus, but that will be a few more years before that software gets into the publics hands. Until then, I will search for evidence of alien existence and report to you as soon as I find something. I believer the lines, oval and the 6 are all alien structures, not just writing. 
Scott C. Waring 

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