NASA Is Using CIA Tactics To Get Your Mind Off Those White Glowing Buildings On Ceres, June 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date: June 1, 2015

NASA recently published a new photo of Ceres and its of a large crater in high detail...high for NASA, its still not even close to HD quality. However the crater is not the same crater as the one with the glowing white lights coming from it. Its a crater that is 5-6 craters above and to the right of the lights. 

What this shows us is that NASA didn't want to show the public the lights and instead tried to confuse the public by thinking that this photo released with a close up of the crater is the same as the crater with the lights. We...the people...are not so stupid as NASA believes. 

This is 100% proof that NASA is hiding alien structures on Ceres, and trying to do a CIA trick. Remember the old title on the old CIA training book? It reads, "CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception." Sounds a lot like NASA doesn't it? SCW


  1. Exactly what I thought. Where's the close up of the lights not a blury mess. This shows that they can take better photos.
    So frustrating I do hope someone will hack in and get some truth out to the world.

  2. This is one of the best alien tech stories out there. The structure has been imaged many times and recently in high (ish) res even a number of astronomers have been asking 'what is that?', and it's rare for serious astronomers to get into this stuff....

  3. Nasa=governo Governo=illumunati Illuminati=WHO CARES PEOPLE ?

  4. You always seem to jump to bizarre conclusions without thinking logical or rationally. Where did you get the CIA mind tricks from? This is a prime example of your increasing loss of credibility, I use to enjoy reading some exciting posts on this site, now it's just full of bizarre stuff that actually displays no evidence a part from a simple blurry picture. A photo of A crater or Ceres leads to CIA mind tricks? Really? Or is that because they didn't focus on the lights & you don't like that? Please in the future examine your work more & engage your audiences. Good luck :)

  5. nice one Scott time that somebody makes NASA ridicules

  6. It has been a month now since the first close fly-by. Still no acceptable hiqh res pictures, no serious public briefings about the light phenomenons, nothing about detailed observations or other possible findings. NASA and/or others seem to believe that the rest of manhood is absolutely senile.

    1. They can't take clear pics with the engine running, and they have to run it near constantly. They're trying to maneuver a half ton spacecraft from forty light minutes out with a thruster that's put to shame by a desk fan. Patience is required.

  7. The old switcharue...
    When i thk of NASA & the CIA i thk of two bro's from the same parental origins...

    If ya caught my drift....

  8. Scott! You said you were going to delete Nsa's comments...lol

  9. You're coming across as a bit paranoid with this one Waring. Is is not possible this is what was under the cameras at closest approach for this orbit? Its not as though they can stop or turn the spacecraft, or take clear pictures while the engine is running. Patience people, when they've stabilized the orbit and can start imaging in earnest we'll get some answers, hopefully.

  10. Stabilized the orbit? That engine produces a gnat fart of thrust. The machine is perfectly stable. They have lots of images they are not showing the world. As always they dance on the edge of the credible to hide the truth.


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