UFO Parked Over Italy Neighborhood Revealed By Infrared Security Lights, June 14, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: June 14, 2015, 03:10:07
Location of sighting: Turismo in Campania, Italy
Source cam: http://www.campaniameteo.info/webcam/mercogliano/current.jpg

This UFO has been parked above this small hill in Truism, Italy for over a year. The only reason that this UFO is visible is because the security lights below have the new LED infrared lights attached to them. When aimed at the rooftops, the light also lights up anything in the sky above. Thus the UFO is seen. With the naked eye, this UFO would still be invisible. The human eye is incapable of seeing infrared light, unlike the camera eye. The UFO is there every night, parked in the same position. Can you think of a better place to park a small spaceship so that people won't find it?

Another thing, many people say its a reflection from the light below. The light is not directly below! It is a bit to the right of the UFO. 

Third off, I have never seen this replicated in a live cam anywhere, I have looked at thousands trying to catch UFOs. If this cannot be replicated, then this is a UFO parked in this location, for emergencies. SCW


  1. Excellent find, I would like to see what that security light looks like in daylight - if it had 2x lights and a tapered top it would de-bunk the image. Can we get someone local to go out with some spot lights and video, may be able to get independent verification........

    1. Tried to write to their townhall. Let's see what they will answer....

    2. They say it's just a reflection unfortunetly

  2. Take daytime picture see area around

  3. if you watch now we can see a beam come from the left ground to the sky the same way as we can see beam on pyramid picture

  4. the beam still here at night , do you see it ? it is vertical beam
    also im live next to frontier of Italia, maybe it would be nice to go check but i need to have a infrared camera first

  5. They say it's just a reflection....unfortunetly

  6. yes it is reflexion ,i have recored for 3 weeks every screenshot (every 5 min)

    you can see 5 min per second , there is sometime some strange thing but yes it is unfortunelty reflexion..


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