Two Faces and Hexagon Writing Found On Mars Surface, July 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: July 2015
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo: http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl-raw-images/msss/00125/mcam/0125ML0777006000E1_DXXX.jpg

This face on Mar is of an alien species that looks nothing like humans. The first photo was discovered by a Youtube user and the face has features that resemble an insect or reptile. The face in the screenshot below I found myself in the same photo. It is a reptilian face, but different from the above face. I also found a hexagon shape on the stone very close to both faces. These three ancient artifacts all back up one another that this is an archeological site worth diving into, rather than being ignored by the NASA rover. 

The person who made the video insinuates that we...the human race once lived on Mars. Maybe, but it was a very diverse world with many species living on it, not just one. SCW

Above screenshot is a face looking to the right side of the photo with closed eyes.

Eyewitness states:
I have also pointed out two other artefacts, a car (small so possibly a childs sports type car) and the cockpit of a plane, again possibly model sized. Remember what we are seeing are not rocks as NASA would have us believe. What we are seeing are objects that have been buried in the mud and a thin sandy concretion has formed on top over hundreds of thousands of years. You can see all over the main picture that it has cracked and broken exposing artefacts. There is a whole planet there that was once inhabited by a civilisation that was much more advanced than we are now. We shouldn't be surprised at 'anything' we may find. It could be that human life originated on Mars and a small number came to Earth prior to the Martian nuclear catastrophe. If that is the case it may explain why many of us instinctively know of past life on Mars, why many of the artefacts appear so familiar to us and also, the technology we are trying to obtain to travel to and from Mars may be waiting for us right where we left it. My take on this now is that we are the Martians. That's where we came from and that is why, to some of us, artefacts there look so familiar. NASA are scratching their heads trying to figure out how they could send manned missions to Mars and what technology would be needed. Isn't it just possible that all the technology we could ever need is right there on Mars? Exactly where we left it!


  1. Hey Scott how do I send a video and some pics of a ufo I saw on the 4th of July ? I have two 20 sec videos and a few pics of a orange ball of light that we thought it was a firework or some kind of lantern but as it got closer we relize it was neither

  2. Yes there is a connection..

    1. Ill add to this that those earth escaped sec zociatal scientific NAZI's expats whom had allready reached the moon then mars via "Gravity Wave Tech" given to them by a sect of ET's from the moon, had been traveling secretly in space as early as around the late 40's or quite possibly early 50's were perplexed after landing & observing mars & then realizing that the "Whole Human Humaniods" that had resided on mars were mostly "Human Beings of Racial Color", & yes cacasions did existed on mars tho not in large numbers tho primarily decendents from other worlds, & the discoverers from here whom naturally being of racist arian NAZI ideological leanings did not like that scene at all, let alone the various Human Animal Hybrid beings, Reptilian full & half human beings, mutated creatures, also the ancient tho advance compared to our earthly standards exotic tech of a number of different varietys etc, & a whole way of societal living & being they must have realized in that past world that was to them not presentable nor acceptable to this world back then as discoverys in there opinions, NASA was orderd by them there NAZI expat creators to stay w/ presenting the world the existing primitive "Fuel Air Bomb" of earth terrestrial aviation tech, & dont tell the world shit regarding the moon & mars ancient civilization ruins found before NASA's creation, because this now advance future Sec Gov has acquired unlimited & hidden powers well beyond the GRB's terrestrial paid mercenary army forces, eguip, global logistics etc, no matter how much mtr'l wealth those hartless, murderous & greedy GRB basterds have here on earth, & w/ a option of destroying those doggone lousey GRB's w/ no trouble or consequence at all if they step out of line w/ the wall st con game & invest in alternative sources of energy w/ the masses of earth humanity even for there greedy wall st profit motives, hell they were orderd by the SecGov to not even thk of it until we the SecGov says go, & thats what id call hella pwr from above man...

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      No pun intended on the innocent but peacfull reptiles of this solar sys tho.

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