Nick Pope, Former Govt UFO Investigator Says Aliens Could Be Out There, July 2015 Interview, UFO Sighting News.

Date of interview: July 2, 2015
Location of interview: Tucson, Arizona, USA

I like how Nick doesn't close any answer with a definitive yes or no, but instead says the possibility exists for that to happen. He is correct, because aliens do exist and the sky is no longer the limit. SCW

Nick states:
Here's part of an interview I did for Sky News yesterday, commenting on Professor Simon Conway Morris's remarks about convergent evolution in relation to extraterrestrial life. I also cover SETI, and the MoD's UFO investigations.


  1. Anytime so see a University Professor discussing Aliens or UFO's know one thing - they work for Government Intelligence Disinformation. You can always tell by the comment "If Aliens Exists". To be fooled by Nick Pope is to be insulted.

  2. Im skeptical about any of these guys thats out to make a buck on ET reasearch book sales & Mr Pope included...

  3. This is part of an article in the New Scientist this week:--

    If habitable planets can form inside globular clusters, they would make nice homes for advanced civilisations that talk to each other and travel between the stars.

    Globular clusters are dense clumps of stars, with about a million suns packed into a sphere some 100 light years across. They formed early in the Milky Way’s history, around 10 billion years ago. Previously, astronomers had dismissed the possibility that they could host inhabited planets, because their old stars lack planet-building heavy elements and the close proximity of the neighbours could destabilise the orbits of any planets that did form.

    But according to a new computer model, such clusters possess a “sweet spot” where small stars can hang on to planets in their habitable zones, where temperatures are right for liquid water and perhaps life. These stars are so close together that hypothetical civilisations wouldn’t have to go as far to travel between the stars as humans would have to."


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