Two UFOs In Super Fast Flight At Lightning Show! Bensenville Illinois July 13th 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: July 13, 2015
Location of sighting: Bensenville, Illinois, USA

News states:
Now its answer time! UFODI - I have to give my opinion on this impressive sighting! Its no airborne aircraft from earth, its no lanterns speeded up 100x, its no supersonic flares, NASA videos show UFOs over and around lightning storms "YES THEY DO" also maybe they appear under lightning storms! another explanation is ball lightning, a rare phenomena but rarely caught, yet NASA debunk hovering orb UFOs not moving at all as ball lightning "Fact" So this one is for you to decide. Subscribe to UFODI and follow www.ufodi.net for all your UFO news and videos.


  1. looks convincing its not easy to do in cgi - im a cgi expert

  2. as a cgi professional id say it was quite convincing

  3. Def looks like let's get hell outta here asap

  4. Reminds me of back to the future, as if there. Generating HAARP to create thier own energy to launch.... Like the recent "flash" of red light in front of ISS,,, u can clearly see that BOUNCE off our stratosphere as if it's a frog using our planets spin to launch off our lilypad. (stratosphere) and on to the next......

  5. All I saw in this vid was a cool lightning display and a couple bugs. Personally I'd be watching the lightning and not my viewfinder, but as they say pics or it didn't happen. Those corkscrew style phenomena have been pretty thoroughly debunked already.

  6. What about the effects of the lightning on the video. Makes it look like space distortion. And that was alot of lightning

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  8. Look MAN in far from being a sceptic. I'm a believer! This is far reaching IMHO. A "space ship" COme on!


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