UFO Fleet Seen Over Dublin Yesterday Causes Excitement, June 30, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: June 30, 2015
Location of sighting: Dublin, Irleand
News Source: http://lovindublin.com/dublin/the-people-of-dublin-basically-lost-their-minds-over-these-ufo-clouds-this-morning

These UFO clouds caused panic by a lot of people in Dublin yesterday, as well it should. For those new to this site, its a well known fact that UFOs can make clouds to hide inside of. If you don't understand this, please click here. A fleet of UFOs were flying low and cloaked in clouds over Dublin. It is believed that alien technology this close can read and record human thoughts, feelings, and even record your senses at the time (smells, tastes and such). Aliens have rule to not frighten humans on purpose. Cloaking is seen by them as the kind thing to do. SCW

News states:
In this heat, we're all prone to act a little crazy, which is exactly what these Dublin denizens are currently doing, taking to social media to alert the world of impending cloud-based doom.

Our theory is that in the run up to Independence Day folks can't help but think extraterrestrial invaders. 


  1. I was in Dublin yesterday and those clouds did look very strange. It's difficult to say if they were anything other than weird formations however I did see what appeared to be an orb of light in the clear sky above the city. I was travelling from the north about 40km from Dublin. It was visible for less than 10 seconds and gradually disappeared. The time was roughly 11.45 am.

  2. If the UFO's don't want to be noticed, why draw attention to themselves like this?


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