Human-like creature found during excavation in Jodhpur, India July 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: July 2015
Location of discovery: Jodhpur, India
India News Source: http://www.newsnation.in/article/85790-bizarre-humanlike-creature-found-excavation-jodhpur.html

This strange creature has so many human-like features, its has to be an alien. It Its eyes are dark, to protect it from the sunlight, so this is proof it prefers to be underground than above. Some alien species are known to be under 12 inches tall. For instance, in Aurora, Texas in April 17, 1897, a small UFO crashed into a windmill. The farmer found the pilots body among the wreckage. It was also very small, but semi human in appearance and buried in the local cemetery. 
Scott C. Waring
News states:
Jodhpur : - A bizarre and shocking incident has been reported from Jodhpur, where a human-like creature has been found beneath the ground. The incident took place in Jodhpur's Bawadi village, where the villagers were digging tube well to fetch water. Much to their surprize, they found this human-like organism.

According to reports and as seen in the picture, which has went viral on social media, the creature looks like a small human and a little bit like an alien. A man is seen posing with the creature in the picture.


  1. cool, i thought was photo of you Scott (joke)

  2. Its not an alien ...its an illegal product of someone..its common in india

  3. (((MOLE MAN FROM MARS))) Seriously what the hell is that thing. Obviously I'm going to say a fabrication for a start but if it's not then that thing is Freaky Thing. Dr Greer should jump all over this. Let have it examined. DNA samples and all other scientific studies. Open and observered of course

  4. Is that a frog with its skin peeled off?

  5. is that a frog with its skin peeled off?

  6. It's a short-term human fetus with severe birth defect being buried. Not an "alien" being exhumed. Carry on....

  7. I'm afraid to say that's a stillborn child that someone buried

  8. U tube, look up GENETIC EXPERIMENTS, there's another one 3 times bigger the muscular system is that of a fully ripped man. It's alive on an operation table with two surgeons examining it, it was alive and kicking, gene experiments are now legal worldwide. I believe this is our attempt at a hybrid Alien. 3rd one of these I've seen now the other 2 were alive.

  9. Scott, please friend request on fbook, I'd like to have a chat. Thanx

  10. See how ripped that looks, fully developed muscular system at birth. I don't believe this was dug up as the other two were in a operating theatre. I believe he was supposed to bury/ dispose of it and thought of a way to make a dollar.. You tube. GENETIC EXPERIMENTS

  11. .......
    Not an alien, skinned frog or a product of genetic experimentation. This is a HUMAN fetus born without a part of its brain. This condition is called anencephaly. Google the pics the there will be no doubt.
    Source: I'm a 3rd year medical student. Ask any you will get the same answer as mine.
    This condition is rare but it still happens.

    1. That is exactly what this is. This so sad, i cant believe someone would desecrate a grave and then take a photo. Obviously this was a fresh grave site. Some people disgust me. Poor little baby.

  12. Indeed it is anencephaly ! https://www.google.nl/search?q=anencephaly.&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAWoVChMIhKyph8qtxwIVRdYaCh1OFA1a&biw=1280&bih=834

  13. It's a human baby with Anencephaly.

  14. This needs to be taken down! That poor baby has anencephaly and it's grave was desecrated :-(

  15. Some of you individuals w/ this poor baby crap need to look more closely at this being again, & to me it seems to be a apparent mutation of some kind be it hybrid genetic engineering, or quite possibly a small humanoid other wordly being, whom if youd take the time to look at more closely DO NOT resemble a human baby of any race thats presently residing on earth...

    Just look closely at the beings reptilian looking face from its eyes to its skull, also its muscular physiological characteristics included, now tell me thats a earth born human fetus or small child, & then ill tell some of you that your "Full of Stupid Right Wing Christan Fundie Bull Shit" as a reply, & yes its flying vessal may have malfunctioned in earths atmospher by via deliberate covert modified earth weapons tech such as one example the tripple barrell Wilheilm Riech Cloud Buster Unit that Riech used against negative chrg'd orgone cloud evaporation research, & do you know the gov confiscated that amazing CB device & WEAPONIZED IT, the gov also stole his other discoveries such as the orgone accumulator box for healing & etc, & in the end the gov destroyed the brilliant open minded guy in a fed prison shamefull as that was, & Riechs CB device have been proven by the USAF to disable some tho not all ET civilizations space vehicals, includin weather modifications also, SURPRISE SURPRISE aint it to some of you here, or if not that deliberate scenario, then possibly a random no earth human fault simple malfunction that lead the small beings space vehical to crash in that region of earth, whos YOUR WORLD too, at least for the time being UC.


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