Lizard on Mars Found By Rover, NASA Photo, Aug 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: August 2015
Location of discovery: Mars
Source URL: http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl-raw-images/msss/00173/mcam/0173MR0926020000E1_DXXX.jpg

Now this was sent to me in a message on Twitter. The person found a animal on Mars. The creature looks like a lizard, but with a short tail. I tried hard to get a close up of it. The head is shiny and look like it has an outer shell on its head, but its body, arms and legs look like they do not have an outer shell, but a skin. Its easy to make out features on this lizard. Its back part of the head has two upraised ears. Its eye is dark and has a raised brow ridge and its head is cocked in such a manner that shows us it is on high alert over the rovers presence. 

With evidence like this, I really wonder why NASA rover is not reporting seeing any of these life forms that UFOlogists have reported? All they have to do is turn the rover around and take a few days off their path to have a close look. Its what the public wants, but clearly not what NASA wants. Perhaps they know the funding they will get will end when life is finally found, so they stretch out their search to make it longer. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Another species to add to the list, along with bunny, the crab and the rat. Scott can you make a compilation of the identified species?

  2. The shadow from the "legs" is intriguing. If it is just a rock, I would expect delicate features like this would have eroded away.

  3. Every night there is wired faces with big head in sky between 7 to 8 pm

  4. There are some floating light every night between 7 to 8 in night sky that moves very fast and suddenly disappears what is that I believe that's a ufo

  5. I have heard some robotics sound outside my house between 3.45 am I was scared I havent try to see it

  6. I think this things are after me

  7. They left some sign in my room walls with four dots like UFO -**- looks like this buts its dots

  8. It looks very interesting. But it could be a piece of metal, perhaps iron, but if it was metal, it probably would have rusted.

    Don't worry too much about NASA, the Mars One mission will be coming up sometime around 2025, and we will have unobstructed observations of Mars' surface.

  9. It looks very interesting... But it could be a piece of metal. But if it was, it probably would have rusted...

    Notice the green tint. The lizard also seems to have a reddish eye.

    Don't worry too much about NASA. The Mars One mission will begin sometime around 2025, and then we will have unobstructed observation of Mars' surface.

  10. Also on Mars are unicorns, jackalopes and Elvis..

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    1. Here's a link to a picture of a real one.


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