Stunning UFO-like cloud spotted over Wellington, July 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: July 31, 2015
Location of sighting: Wellington, New Zealand
News Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/science/70743338/stunning-ufolike-cloud-spotted-over-wellington

This tried to sneak past cloaked in its on DIY cloud, but the guy was onto it and knew something was up. If you see one, get a photo! Please, and share it with us. Put a link in any comments of any post taking us to it. 
Scott C. Waring 

News states:
A flying saucer made of clouds has been sighted over Wellington's Lyall Bay. When Alex Greig headed to the beach to an enjoy an early morning Milo about 7.50am, he was stunned to see the giant orb looming in the sky above him. "It was phenomenal," he said. "Just absolutely amazing. I've never seen one like that, so perfectly formed. "It looks like there should be a UFO inside it - a big steel disc, like in the movies." Unfortunately the stunning formation was soon obscured by surrounding clouds, he said. MetService meteorologist Emma Blades said it was a lenticular cloud, which are common in New Zealand as they are caused by waves generated by air rushing over mountains. "This is a stunning example though," she said. The formations are often described as "UFO clouds" due to their unusual circular shape. In Texas in June, there were 56 reported sightings to the Mutual UFO network when the clouds appeared after a spate of severe weather. UFO enthusiasts believe that lenticular clouds are actually flying saucers in "disguise".


  1. Lenticular cloud formation, I still think there's one in there too!

  2. Hey Scott. Have you ever received reports of these clouds at night? I saw two of them last night. They were visible because of the full blue moon that rose last night so the sky was illuminated. None of my pics turned out though. I tried but I figured they wouldn't because it was night.

  3. Scott, did u notice the dark spot on the right side of the cloud?

  4. It actually is a cloud As much as i believe in ufo's This is a cloud But it looks good Nice photo

  5. Strange all other clouds around this supposed lenticular cloud are normal clouds then why just one ?

  6. Angels from heaven because they want to show us there is only one God in this world.

  7. Angels from heaven because they want to show us there is only one God in this world.


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