Green UFO Or Meteor flies over the sky in Buenos Aires, Argentina July 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: July 2015
Location of sighting: Buenos Aires, Argentina
News source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/bright-green-fireball-lights-up-6172003

This object has all the signs of being a UFO. If you jump to 50seconds into the video and pause and start every second, you will see some small white UFOs come out of the object and fly in circular patters around the UFO.  I also see this in other videos of it at 57 sec, 1.35 min. But that doesn't matter because this object was going much to slow to be a meteor. About 30% the speed. So...why did an alien species try to fake a meteor entering earths atmosphere to come to Earth? Probably so they wouldn't scare people. Its a big ship for sure. 
Scott C. Waring 

News states: 
Bright green fireball lights up night sky but is it a UFO or meteor? - Weird green fireball burns through sky in Argentina. UFO? Mysterious fireball flies over the sky in Buenos Aires at night. A strange phenomena turned the sky green as it shot through the air, caught in this footage. What may have been a meteor was seen for several minutes as it flew overhead in Buenes Aires. But some observers say the green hue it gave the sky was otherworldly and could have been a UFO . One witness said it was a "huge luminous sphere." It flew above the area of Caseros, in the northwest area of the province of Buenos Aires, in eastern Argentina.

On Twitter, the hashtag #CieloVerde (GreenSky) quickly became one of the most hotly debated subjects as the images were seen and shared. The astronomer and executive member of the Observers Space Centre, Jorge Coghlan, in an interview with the Argentine TV channel Cadena 3, described the possible meteor as space junk. He said: "Undoubtedly, it was a fireball, a rock a little larger than a meteorite. They are remnants of formations of planets." Burning Meteor Caught On Camera Flying Over Buenos Aires Argentina Green Meteorite Meteor Streaks Over Buenos Aires


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    1. Yeah, the color and how it hold together as well as it not falling. Very odd.

  2. Isn't this a meteor /comet?

  3. THIS is seriously scary Scott. I don't feel comfortable watching this. I have a feeling that they don't look friendly.

    1. This is just a ship, not a being. Nothing to be scared of. Don't let the movies dictate how you feel about aliens. Hollywood has been telling humanity to be afraid for a long time. Don't believe them.

    2. Have no fear Crewmate Yusri, as Scott indicated & i agree also is that its one of there ships, & i had the impression a cigar cargo ship & to me it seems to have a somewhate beaurtifull bright 520nM greenish hue "Leading Light" on the front end of it tho on most of these craft the light can reposistion itself anywhere on the vehical in some if not most cases not to mention strangely enough the craft itself being capable of morphing into other shapes...

      The cigar styled ships have been frequently seen by many observers to have had released smaller vessels w/ in earths atmospher to there designated missions yes, & those cargo vessels come in a number of size ranges, or I,e. smaller cargo cigars can be loaded into the bigger mile long models ext, some are "Spherical or round" in design & some are a smoothed Triangular styled interstellar ET base stations tho not all are cigar shaped vessels...


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