UFO Over Derbyshire, England During Sunset, Aug 13, 2105, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 13, 2015
Location of sighting: Derbyshire, England

A UFO was trying to observer a small town in the UK, but was noticed by a person who became fixated on it. The UFO has a classic disk shape, but is 30 times its size. Leaning half in and half out of the cloud, the UFO was revealed to allow aliens to look out the windows (not at computers) and see the world below for themselves. Look how close that jet came to the UFO. I think the world really needs to upgrade our ancient radar for security reasons. That was a close one.
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 
People from Derbyshire in the UK saw a world war ll ghost aircraft pass over thier heads, whats going on could it be a ufo, check this out this plane in the video shows a flash of fire very strange.


  1. Seriously ,that is just the setting sun reflecting on to the plane.

    1. If I add more light to it, I can make out the right side, which is a perfect wing. Aliens assume that most humans can't find them. Lets break that assumption.

    2. I must admit all I can see is cloud and sun reflecting off the fuselage. Still, it's better to share than keep things to ourselves, but diluting genuine phenomena with misinterpretations will only fuel the skeptical fire!

    3. I was not talking about the cloud i was referring to the plane. When it turns red it is just the setting sun reflecting off of it, it is not on fire as posted on the beginning of the video.
      There isnt enough evidence for me to comment on the "cloud ufo." if it changed position or lit up then i would have an opinion. At this time there just isn't enough evidence for me to say thats an ufo.
      And lastly this is for the people who write rude remarks. Scott does this because our goverment wont. And even if only one out of the one hundred sightings are real then he's done his job. Keep up the good work scott i truly appreciate it.

  2. Why don't you tell these people the truth about who you really are Scott?
    I struggled with why you do what you do for a while now. How someone with interest and money, could single-handedly do so much damage.
    Then it occurred to me. That is the plan isn't it? You're a misinformant right?
    All your bullshit, it's by design.. Isn't it?

  3. Why don't you tell these people the truth Scott?
    I've struggled with the answer myself for a little while.
    How could anybody with so much interest and money in the subject do so much damage so carelessly?
    And then it occurred to me. Because it is by design. You are purposely making us all look like nut jobs..
    And then I asked myself? Why?
    You're a misinformant..

  4. A cloud that is way darker than the others around it? Clearly looks like an object to me.


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