Glowing Entity Caught In Photos As Woman Walks Through Woods, Oct 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: October 2015
Location of sighting: Wasson Pool, West Midlands, UK
News source: http://news.yahoo.com/pensioner-snaps-boy-ghost-on-her-iphone-during-082851806.html

This really sounds like an alien to me. It glows, semi invisible and appears as if its angel like or divine. There is a species of energy beings that do not reveal themselves very often, and if they do, they have a big purpose for the person they visit. Often mistaken for angels. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
This is the eerie image of what a great-great gran believes is the ghost of a boy she captured on her iPhone 3. Elaine Stewart was left spooked when she saw what she believes is the spooky outline of a young child from the 18th century as she walked through a beauty spot in the Black Country. The 65-year-old only noticed the boy leaning against a tree when she returned home from her walk in Wasson Pool in the West Midlands.

Retired auxiliary nurse Elaine, from West Bromwich, has researched the area and discovered the woodland is on the site of an 18th century coal mine. She said: “I love walking in those woods, it is so peaceful but one afternoon the mist was down and I took a picture on my phone. "It was very atmospheric. I didn’t think too much about it until I got home and was scrolling through my pictures when I suddenly saw a child standing by the tree.

"He looked like he was wearing old fashioned clothes. I searched on the internet and discovered there are old mine shafts under the wood dating back to the 18th century. "There were lots of disasters with tunnel collapses and children would often be sent down the mines so it’s possible it’s a restless spirit of one of the victims.” Convinced that the picture is proof of the afterlife, Elaine added: "I’m usually very sceptical about this sort of thing but now I’ve actually seen the evidence on my phone for myself I’m not so sure.”


  1. Woooooow really cool and weird , thanks Scott

  2. My thought: Moist Spider web glowing in the sun.

  3. Not really ET imo, but perhaps whats called by some as, "Spiritual Energy Residue", lingering energy's from a past living being that still forms around the areas there seen for some strange reason or other, some more religous among us theorize a state or Purgatory, & some Gost Busters types theorize a traumatic event OR unfinished business to the once living human in the area to keep them coming back to the areas were there aberrations are mostly seen via sensitive detection devices & also some sensitive peoples too...

    Hell Scott & crew, when my final departure ticket comes im jettin outta here quickly to new frontiers of time & space & NOT LOOKING BACK man.

  4. I don't see a entity. I see a tree that the sun is shining on! The shape is a little bit special.someone can think it's humanoid shape...ok. But thats our nature...our brain is always searching for faces,bodies etc. in clouds,on Mars rocks and here sunlight is contured by bushes,leaves and specific angle into that shape!
    Instead of watching closely and staying objective we like to make out of every nearly similar shapes instantly faces,bodies,monsters and aliens


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