Megalithic Evidence That Cusco Existed Before The Incas, Oct 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of video: Oct 23, 2015
Location of ruins: Cusco, Peru

Here is an interesting theory. DanielofDoria02 of Youtube says he believes that the Incas built around a previous construction that they found, reinforcing it with their own added stones. That the giant Basalt carved square rocks were created from a much more ancient and advanced society. Perhaps even ancient aliens.

I have to admit, it does look like it at first glance and it also makes a lot of sense. Tell us your thoughts on this in comments below. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. This is absolutely true. The Inca people do not try to hide this fact either. If Pizzaro himself had walked up to an Inca religious leader and asked, "Who built these megalithic sites (like Machu Pichu)?" The man would have said, "They were built by the gods." The Inca found these sites, and in some cases added less advanced renovations to the structures.

  2. That was actually a fairly compelling argument for a pre-dated culture.

  3. I understand that the ancient Almec civilization before the inca civilization worked w/ & carved basalt into there heroes & leaders heads etc, & was versed in construction techniques in mega structure design, those Olmec construction crewman & soldier combined, whom i understand used a pwrfull fission type of hand held device a combo tool/weapon thats among many tool techs & historical works of those people thats now hidden & or destroyed by a main ill call unnamed religious org that literally destroyed the Omec civilizations history like they did to other early earth cultures left over tools, writings & works as they traveled the globe via sailing ships back in earths ancient time frame, & why you may ask simple, they had realized that they were Black Skinned People who came dwn & made colonies & families on ancient earth, & whom also utilized tech where some of this tech of theres can literally melt basalt which is a very dense iron hard natural rock type mtr'l into a molten candle wax consistancy for construction purposes, these tools could also be utilized as hand held weapons if need be, they those Olmec solder/construction crews wore helmets quite simular to our bucket type design military helmets of 2day, they wore jumpsuits & boots when viewing what little ancient sketched images is left of them, where the higher ranks wore capes w/ there uniform, they can be utilized as soldier's if the need arises, & rumour has it that there were a conn w/ bearded jump suited white men & there qroups too from above, imo i thk that both groups of races were other worlders or the comming DNA seading of your ancient world here...

    Could the Almec civilation just like possibly others who exited from mars to this world have left a DNA connection during earths early yrs of human developement stages, thats why i believe that the existing & knowledgeable martian inhabitant those thats living comfortably in there gated community's above & below the surface of mars must MUST & ill declare MUST know the details of earths human origins which indeed would be a grave culture shock to those 3 main religonnaut groups of 2days earth world...

    There whole paridigm of reality will be shaken overnight, & thats the scary part w/ those types of thk'rs on your world.

    1. The more i thk of this presentation here the more im begining to realize that this geo area megalithic strutures thats for some strange reason is covered by stones allegedly placed by the Incas back in history may have carvings on them, yes just like carved monuments on mars, now brace yourselves on your control modules Scott & crew,Thk'ing Helmets On, strap in, initiate fly sequences get ready, 321...

      Going back in earths time during cutthroats such as so called explorer Pizzaro's era etc, he just may have been shocked by the images of the Olmecs on those basalt stones, I,e. Black People images that was carved on those basalt monuments that he just may have at 1st tried to deztroy, now remember crew mates that early world sailing ship commandin murderer & thief was influenced by a main religous pwr broaker at that time, & it would not surprise me that he also being ignorant in the 1st place i surmise simply thought it was all evil, & after realizing that that rock was not easily capable of being destroyed, had ordered his ban of cutthroats to force the poor mayans to cover those megalithic structures up by putting more & more stones over the carvings on those walls megaliths etc, that prior race of original beings that may not have even called themselves Olmecs tho were indeed part of those early other worlders that left there markings here before there disappearance from earths early era...

      Ok just think about this, why is the military there permitting limitted access, & what logical reason would the ancient mayans themselves would agree & decide to waste time & mtrl's to cover up those even earlyer before them humanoid made structures, & what functionalities that you see have been made to those smaller less accurate structures put up by the mayans after the act, hell there not here to tell US, tho i do believe religious forces at that time & quite possibly still do are again hiding the truth of the various 4 main races of the earth humanoid origins, UC it knocks there global religous scam out of proportion for good that there afraid of imo...

      Thk'ing helmets off, now Your Thoughts, or can you now.

  4. Correction: Olmec Civilization.


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