Airliner Sees UFO Mothership Meeting With Smaller Craft Over Ocean, Video, UFO Sighting News.

 Did you notice the red light at its end? Also there were two other glimmers of light father back.
 The right side of the UFO is visible above, the left side is semi-cloaked. 

Date of sighting: 7-19-2015, but submitted today.
Location of sighting: Between LA and Maui.
Source: MUCON #71817

In this submitted video, we see two UFOs. One large one that is a semi-cloaked disk, the other is much smaller below it. The large UFO turns fast to set itself over the smaller one so that it can pull it inside of its cargo bay. Also, did you see the glimmer of light on its right side? Two white glimmers farther back and a red one. A signal to the other craft below. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
On plane coming from Maui left at night going to Seattle; probably saw it right at dawn. The event did not take place in LA, CA, but hard to know when we are in an airplane. My daughter in window seat saw it first, let me know and I saw a smoke trail with a red light then the light went out. She first took a pic and then took video. When the object turns there are no wings and my husband said it's probably a missle? We were going 500 mph at 6 to 6.5 miles up in the air. Her pic and video is attached, I couldn't get video turned.


  1. Yep that is very odd indeed and a super catch. That is a serious video that can't be explained in my view apart from technology we don't have or know about.

  2. The turn that craft makes is fascinating. It's clearly deliberate. It's also interesting the father would believe it's a missile. Was that a rationalization or was he simply grasping at straws to explain the inexplicable? His view, I think, is indicative of what so many of us do - dismiss the obvious and go on our merry way...

  3. clearly, and without doubt - it is a flock of birds!

  4. a Ufo of absolute same shape and same distortions because of it's field was filmed few years ago from a japan airliner,being stationary nearby

  5. Whoa that is an amazing video!

  6. Utter shit why waste ppls time honestly dude

  7. Waste of video footage how could you miss the object and film wrong side of window?


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