Alien Entity Caught Walking On Water Over Marble Falls, Texas On Nov 2014, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Untouched photos above, enhanced at bottom of post. 

Date of sighting: 7-29-2014
Location of sighting: Marble Falls, Texas, USA
Source: MUFON #72432

This sighting is a year old, but sent into MUFON yesterday. It's really exciting, because it caught a entity or micro drone over the waters surface. Its shape and coloration indicate is 100% real and not some kind of glitch. I believe it to be an individual alien. The alien was revealed because of the suns angle and the reflection from off the water caused its cloak to become useless for a few seconds. Also, if it came out of the water, the water would cause the craft or individual to become visible until it drips off. 

I have reported such aliens in the past, with the same coloration and size. Eyewitnesses said the glowing green entity moved as if running around her house (UK report). 

Oh yeah, did you notice the stone door in the side of the mountain near the alien? Possible this is where the entity came from. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
We were on private property taking pictures of this area surrounded by hills and when we lokked back at the pictures later this day, we saw this glowing green object on the surface of the water. I had taken other pictures in concession and none of the others showed this object. Here are the pictures I took on this tablet. No flash was used. Cannot explain what this glowing object is and hoping you could help identify. Could it be something, or is it a reflection from the sun? I can see a shadow on the water around the object.
 The photo above and below have added focus and contrast (negative effect above).


  1. Im confused byvthis account. At the bottom of the mufon account it states the object was moving about like someone moving about the house but later it is said they only saw it when looking through the photos? Very puzzled now and not sure what to believe

    1. I apologize for that. No the eyewitness account is further down, and in red letters. What I said was that this green object looks very similar to one that was reported a year or two ago in England. Back then a family reported seeing a green glowing entity walking around their yard and then disappearing into the ground. They had photos. It was in the news.

      This green entity looks very similar to what they caught at night in their yard.

  2. Hi Scott
    Gary & Mandy Linney here. We are the people that you refer to in the report, regarding the UK siting.

    Yes it is the same colour and likeness to our "green man" We have a number of photographs of the event if you would like us to send them.

  3. Hi Scott, I am the person who reported the Green Man,when I lived in Scotland.
    Yes, this is Exactly the same colour and form that My Wife and I saw in our Yard.
    I still have all pictures on Hard Drive if you would like them.
    We also saw a UFO, on a number of Consecutive days,hovering near Newcastle upon Tyne. After we moved back to England. Available if you want.

    1. Yeah, lets try to do this. I want to post that again. Can you write a 2-4 paragraph description and post it on my Facebook wall with photos and video? Or if you can post the video to Youtube and let me have the link. This would be a cool sighting to post again. Very interesting.

  4. I live in Mable Falls and found this post by trying to find some information as I'm suspiciously observing some weird things in this area. Our lake basin is a river lake that is lined with granite on all sides, just like the areas where lochness and champ have been viewed. Some theorize having deep lakes with crystalline beds in a channel shape can have an affect on seeing multiple dimensions simultaneously or even witnessing ripples in time space as some theorize sightings of Champ or Loch Lochness are glimpses into the past at a dinosaur. I'm doing research because I'm highly suspicious of a giant granite slab that looks like the fourth Damion of an ancient temple more than a natural batoliths. We have batoliths everywhere here and we are less than 30 minutes drive from Stonewall Texas which many skeptics feel is not a natural formation. This all coupled with finding this post and the fact that I literally see flying craft in this area at least once every 90 days if not more, despite having a small private airport nearby I'm certain none of their craft look like this! I'm definitely excited to see an external source experiencing something in the same area!


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