UFO Fleet Summoned Over Los Angeles, California On Sept 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Sept 26, 2015, posted Nov 7, 2015
Location of sighting: Los Angeles, California, USA

This video was recorded by Fausto Perez of Yotube. These people claim to be able to summon UFOs with mediation. That is true. It has worked for me, and many others. The mind can project our your thoughts a very long ways, and cloud orbs can hear that several miles away. Its the telepathy, we are great at transmitting, we just don't know it. Its the receiving end that we have a problem with. As for aliens being angels or demons...LOL, I guess if you live long enough its easy to assume yourself to be one of them. If there is a planet of intelligent beings that were born 4 billion years ago and have never died since then...maybe they are something more holy. Who am I to tell them what they are and what they are not?
Scott C. Waring
Above and below are enhanced close ups of the same UFO, same photo. Different enhancements. 

Eyewitness states: 
Another Mass sighting of Ufo's in Los Angeles has Happened, and no im not talking about the giant light in the sky on Friday I'm talking about a Fleet Of Ufos Witnessed Over Los Angeles. it was spotted on September 26th 2015 at 1pm Saturday for an L.A. Ufo Channel Event in Hollydale Park, Southgate California. We and the Public Gathered with a group of over 40 people as we have been doing for two years. We attempted a Meditation to Contact Ufo's telepathically so we may witness them and present them to the public that joins us for free at our Meetups as well as present themto the world through the Media who helps present our findings. Well this day when we meditated someone in the maditation during their telepathic contact attempts asked for a Fleet/ Ufo Formation, and you wouldn't believe this unless you were there but right after the meditation session was over literally just minutes after Danny from the group saw and notified the rest of us to know where to look so we could see it as well. what we saw were these set of objects Coming out of a Chemtrail haze opening in the sky, this beauty of a Sighting was 12 gorgeous strange riveting Paranormal Orbs that flew out of the cham haze opening and then continued in front of it decending in beautiful patterns and formations. You can hear in the footage that everyone else in the group of over 30 of us that gathered that day soon starts to see the objects and react to the sighting with the amazement and surprise of this intelligent group of objects as they traveled out if a Chem trail and flew in intelligent displays of their ability to interact, ways we know our best Jet fighters can't event do. I filmed it with my Canon T3i at 600 times zoom, witch is because of a 300 times canon scope attached to a double amplifying Barr to get as closest I could and film the clearest shot of this Anomalies witnessed that day over the skies of Los Angeles. we have thought of the possibility of weather balloons but you can count that out when you consider the clouds and thes objects were the same hight and the cloud were heading east do to the wind flow, these objects flew the oposite direction; west, against the wind current. a balloon would flow with the wind. as well as how we witnessed them decent from the clouds highet and change direction slightly to the south in a quick shift from their starting there flight path.


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    1. True that he has made some unusual videos, but you have to admit his heart is in it.

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  3. Has he contacted a news crew for everyone to see?

    1. News crews nowadays wont bother unless a mass w/ out reason of a doubt sightings happens, they most media outlets generally are instructed to poke fun at this subject...

      Yes a clear meditative thought under certain environment conditions that i find will bring them to attention, both the Yin & Yang otherworlders, so watch HOW we think in these times of 2day ok.

    2. Are you saying entering a certain state of mind enables us to be more open and per eptive to these things?

    3. Yes thats correct mamm, however ea one of US is a diff receptor or radio reciever tuner, transmitter, some people are capabale to do this at will, so its all left up to the individual how they may TRAIN themselves to receive this info, however ive learned the more neg one becomes the more melevolent forces want to drift into ones sub, for primarily puppertering purposes on yourself that can lead one to argumentative embarrassments to say the least, up to even jail time or death, so yes, what we thk has pwr...

      Just liike physical excersise training, tho in this case mental to a considerable degree.


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