CNN Asks UFO Researchers Their Personal Views On Who Is The Best Presidential Candidate? Dec 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of video: Dec 2015
CNN source: http://edition.cnn.com/2015/12/15/politics/donald-trump-bernie-sanders-ufo-hunters-area-51/index.html

This is odd, CNN asks UFO hunters about their personal views about who would be the best president of America. Perhaps making fun of the subject, or the fact that many people are becoming more interested than ever in the existence of aliens. Whats your views on this interview?
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

CNN states: 
In the Nevada Desert (CNN)Once a month, a small group of hardy Las Vegans head into the mountains to look for UFOs and -- to hear them tell it -- they find them. "There is a lot of paranormal activity out here if you just open your mind and you go seek it" said B.K. Mojave as the lights of Las Vegas glinted in the distance. With Area 51 -- a capital of the UFO enthusiast community -- about a two-hour drive from where CNN is hosting its debate Tuesday, we decided to go along and see what these skeptics had to say about the wild 2016 presidential campaign. (more at source).


  1. CNN has lost half their audience due to lies and deception.

    They would stand on their head.If It made any difference

  2. I cant take a 3min interview like this too seriously, besides the fact its CNN. I have been trying to ascertain your view on who might best serve the Disclosure position, but you seem to be holding your cards close to your vest. Don't blame you, but am still curious what You think Scott. For sure Trump seems most likely to say something off the cuff without worrying about potential fallout, because he thinks he can't do anything wrong or just doesn't care if he offends. In a way, thats refreshing

    1. Hi, no president will ever disclose the fact that intelligent aliens exist. I don't believe they have that power. Trump and Hillary are fun to watch, but here in Taiwan, we don't get to see all the info you see, so my knowledge of them is limited. I would say Hillary, America needs a woman example and also Trump would enjoy getting into a war just for the fun of it.

    2. Yes, trump being a uninformed foreign policy idiot would go into war for the fun of it after being manipulated by Putin that he seems to admire, yes i think he's that DIRT STUPID...

      Also lets take in mind that CNN may be a occasional usefull tool for intell agencies to access pub opinion on a number of matters including this, also remember that Hilary has Rockefeller approval of this possible disclosure if happens on her rein...

      Remember Scott & fellow crew mates theres gold & strategic minerals up there in those meteorites, asteroids & on mars, so why Mr Rockies interest on disclousure hell its simple to me, & its the ASTEROID & or MARTIAN MINERAL WEALTH CLAIMS to be exploited UC, tho as for elections personaly id vote 1st for Mr Berney Sanders he seems to spk truth to pwr according to his record as a vermont senator/gov, & if he looses the dem nomonation for presidency then id hold my nose & flip the switch for HIllary as 2nd, tho decline to vote for any of those stupid, bombastic Armageddon preachin ass bags that populates the right wing republican neocon pres nomination side of the fence whos nowadays are bought off by corporate special interest monies these tea baggin party operatives of 2day are surviving from, well if those dumb bastards gets in power then everyones butts globally will be on the line if one of those A holes win the 2016 U.S. presidency, now that i clearly can see on this two sided path of road we face on earth, & i hope we as U.S. voters choose the right path on that forked 2 lane road in the fall 0f 2016...

      Or our present human civilization is doomed tho NOT THE EARTH, just human civilizations come & go including this one if the Aramgeddoonist & there elk gets the red phn in there DAMMADABLE hands.


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