Structures and faces found long Mars hillside, Dec 6, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: December 6, 2015
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo: http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/181785

This gigipan photo has a lot of close up structures in it. If you want to have some fun, click the link and see for yourself. There are more faces than I can show you, entrances below the hillside and some really breathtaking structures (bottom of this post). 
Scott C. Waring


  1. That top head thats looking to the left has that that that DIABOLICAL look to him, just look at him closely & youll see...

    Mu Ha Ha Ha some of those martian personalities in there past must have been very very interesting.

    1. After Looking at the top left facing rock sculputed being what i call diabolical looking over & over & over & over & over again, well ive came to realize that theres a rock thats just a few meters in front of that left facing head that may be possibly obscuring the true facial structure of what looks to me to be a hat of some type warin individual that may be one of the ancient Human Animal Hybrid humanoids of mars past im surmising...

      Some of those beings seem to have a half human & animal snouty looking faces on various mars statues ive notice, tho after further thought ive concluded that the rest of this left facing beings facial structure is obscured by that rock a few meters in front of it & he she or it may have a snout tho the rock give the individual a hook nose effect that i see now.

    2. True, I wonder if this is just one tiny species that are creating statues of half god half their species...the Chinese did this 10,000 years ago making jade statues like that. The Chinese buried the statues with the person who died, in hopes that in the afterlife, they will have the qualities of the statue.

      I got a statue I bought. It has a face of a woman, crown of a queen, and wings like an angel or bird, but eyes like an alien. Very unique,

    3. My question Scott is what did some of those ancient martians consider there god/gods,weve seen numerous statues it seems, tho i do feel that a number of the depicted statues of the person/being may have been possibly a advanced alchemist w/ huge followings & a ego to match, who may had wanted anyone thats not aware of there antics that they encounter to think of them as a god...

      Maybe one of the many many regional martian egotist traits, i,e. The erection of statues dedicated to that controling regional leaders self etc, yes a powder keg in mars day ready to be ignited because just like down hear on earth mars in its zenith just may have had waring factional regions thru out its history also,compared to YOUR worlds past history waring earth civilizations that came & gone via SELF DESTRUCTION IN TIME, & im sorry to say even culturally segragated & regional fuses may have been lit in mars ancient zenith before its global distruction.

    4. Ya know im comming to realize that the surviving beings on mars may have been OR just might be the now brace yourselves, "The Victors of this last martian downfall" & there not necessarily are of the "full human humanoid Gnome" & ya know why simple, they would have cleaned up the global mess like like earth humans did after WW1 & WW2 thats why, then did a global urban renewal program to live LIKE A FULL HUMAN BEING AGAIN, no no what i personally see is a controling martian population mostly living underground beings that are AhHum now again brace yourselves on your control modules & get ready, 321 they are Reptilian Humaniods" imo that now have total global control of present Mars & like the moon will only let those Break Aways go so far...

      I hope i dont get shot behind this msg as the global trend now among the armed mentally manipulated in your world that seems to be a growin global prevalence now at present time UC.


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